Mixed Feelings

Icon is the biggest boy band in the world. They're even more popular than One Direction at this point. Liza Nelson can't get enough of them, but Erin Frederick absolutely detests the band. What happens after a chance encounter with one of the band members? Erin's life definitely won't ever be the same.

*the guys are based on the boys in One Direction*


8. ~Erin~


Someone clears their throat, but I ignore the sound.  No way am I waking up.  I need the sleep.

“Erin,” says a soft voice

With an inward sigh, I slowly open my eyes.  Joe is crouching down in front of me.  He’s the only one here besides Noah and me.

“Erin, you’d better get up,” Joe tells me. “Otherwise, I think Lucas will be pretty mad when he gets back from the concert and sees you here with Noah.”

“We didn’t do anything,” I say as I leisurely sit up.

In his sleep, Noah pulls his arm back to his side.  I stand up, and Joe does the same.  He’s taller than five-foot-four me, so I have to tilt my head up slightly to meet his eyes.

“I’m serious,” I insist. “We were talking, and I started to cry.  Noah hugged me while I cried.  We both got tired, and we just fell asleep.  Besides, I’m not exactly with Lu yet.”

Joe’s lips quirk up in a smile.  “If you’re not with him,” he says, “then why are you calling him Lu?  Everyone else calls him Lucas or Luke.”  He adds with a laugh, “Or Apple, since he’s so attached to that iPhone of his.”

I shrug.  “I don’t know, but we’re not together.  At least not yet.”

“Well if that’s the case, than Lucas shouldn’t mind if you and I hang out tomorrow,” Joe says. “I’d love to take you to your favorite restaurant here in town or whatever place you think is best.”

I look at him quizzically.  Is he asking me as a friend or as something more than that?

“Well, I do know a good Mexican place…” I say slowly.

“Quesadillas for lunch?  Oh, man that sounds good.”  Joseph’s face has lit up.

“Okay, we’re on for lunch tomorrow,” I agree.

The door opens, and Derek, Jared, Lucas, and Liza pile in.  They’re all laughing and talking loudly.  Noah stirs on the couch.  He rubs his eyes and focuses on me.  I don’t say anything.  He’s probably wondering why I’m not still on the sofa with him and why Joe is standing right in front of me.

“Hey, Noah, how are you feeling?” Lucas says, coming over.

Noah yawns.  “Better.  I took a really long nap, but before that, Erin heated up some soup for me.  Hopefully I’ll be well enough to leave on Tuesday and perform on Wednesday.”

“What time is it?” I ask, forgetting my phone is sitting right on the coffee table.

“A little after ten-thirty.  Lucas and I are doing the webcam tonight,” Joe says. “We should probably get something to eat and then go do that.”

“What?” I say in mock-shock. “Joseph is hungry?  That’s crazy!  Alert the media!”

Everyone cracks up.  He’s not called Foodster for nothing.  Joe makes a face at me before bounding over to the kitchenette.  Liza and Jared trail after him.  The two of them get chips and soda and settle down on the bar stools to talk.

Lucas pulls me over to the smaller couch.  As if we’re alone, he suddenly begins planting a string of kisses along my jaw line, ending up at my lips.  It starts to get pretty passionate, so I pull away.

“Not here,” I whisper so only Lu hears.

He gets this cocky grin on his face.  I realize he probably thinks in his bedroom.  But I shake my head firmly.

“Don’t get any ideas,” I say. “If you want to get to know me, you have to talk to me and take me on dates, not just kiss me.”

I stand up and smooth my jeans down before stalking over to the kitchenette.  Joe, who observed everything I’ll bet, hands me a plate.

“You up for pancakes?” he asks.

“Yeah.  I’d like that,” I say.

As I eat my pancakes, Lucas and Joe go to do the webcam.  I’m glad Lu isn’t hanging around me right now.  I’m seriously starting to wonder if I’m just another girl to him.  When I’m done, I head over to where Noah is watching The Avengers.

“Noah,” I whisper.

He turns to me as I sit down on the couch beside him.

“Be honest with me,” I say.  I can’t help but notice that his eyes seem to widen at my words. “Do you think I’m just another girl to Lucas?”

Noah doesn’t answer for a long time.  His gaze is focused on the ground.  Finally, he looks up at me.

“I’m not really sure,” he replies. “The past would suggest you’re just another girl, but I think we’re all hoping Luke eventually finds one he’d like to have a serious relationship with.”

“And you think I could be it?” I question.

“I think you know the answer to that,” Noah tells me.

Then he slides away from me, stands up, and heads off to Derek’s room.  I’m left sitting there, feeling as confused as before.

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