Year Of The Forgotten

Baylie Winters is 19 years old and a huge directioner. Her favorite out of the band is Niall. She has a bit in common with him to. They both have forgotten someone important in there lives and they don't even realize it. Baylie wins a contest to spend the YEAR with one direction. This will be the year of the forgotten.


3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two


      I'm in work right now stocking up all the toys in the toy section of Khols. It's not all that busy considering Everyone is at work or school. It's just a regular Wensday morning. Woah we got the new One Direction dolls! I'm going to buy them after I get pain Friday. 

   I'm going to get all of them especially Niall cause he's my fave! Damn I'm going all fan girl again. 

"Baylie what did I tell you about fan girling at work?" My co-worker Mark asked when he stopped infront of me. 

"To not go all crazy about One Direction because I might scare the customers away and then we wont sell anything then we'll go out of buisness and it'll be all my fault." I recieted from memory. 

"Very good." Then he walked away. 

     Gosh everyone thinks I fangirl to much. I don't. Ok maybe I do. But in my defense..... Ok there is nothing in my defense. I'll just admit that I'm an over obbsessed fan girl of One Direction that freaks out when I hear the word 'direction' or 'one'. 





    Oooh that's my phone. If only I could get it out of my small/tight jean pocket. Finally got it. Now who is it. Oh it's unknown number, well I'll answer it anyway. 

"Hello" I chirped into the phone. 

"Is this Baylie Winters?" An overly bored tone of a lady asked.

"Yes Why?" I asked pretty confused.

"Congradulations! I am calling to inform you that you won the One Direction contest to spend a year with them. You plane ticket and more information will be sent in the mail." Then she hung up.

    I dropped my phone. I froze on the spot. 

This is a dream.

This isn't real.

I'm going insane.

But she said I won.

I remember singning up last week. 

Wait a minute.

I'm going to spend a year with One Direction.






A Friggin' Year! 


   I started running around the whole store hugging random people while screaming my head off.

"I WON I WON I WON I WON!" I chanted while jumping up and down.



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