Year Of The Forgotten

Baylie Winters is 19 years old and a huge directioner. Her favorite out of the band is Niall. She has a bit in common with him to. They both have forgotten someone important in there lives and they don't even realize it. Baylie wins a contest to spend the YEAR with one direction. This will be the year of the forgotten.


2. Chapter One

Chapter One


 "OH MY GOD BAYLIE THEY'RE HAVING A ONE DIRECTION CONTEST!" My best friend Ava screamed at me.

"OH MY GOD WHERE WHERE IS IT!"  I yelled while ouncing up and down in my spot.

"It's over there in starbucks!" She said pointing to the starbucks we had just walked away from.


      I literally dragged her through the flow of people to get there. Holy crap there it is on the poster that takes up half the window, the contest advertisement.


   Do you wanna meet One Direction?

   Are you the ultimate fan?

   If you wanna spend a whole year with One Direction your favorite band of all time, then just fill out the applications. The questions are all baised on the guys and whoever gets the most right wins. Good luck to all of you directioners and remember No cheating.


"Oh my gosh Bay you could so do that!"

"I know lets goooooo!"

   We ran ino the starbucks and up to the counter.

"Can I have a form for the One Direction Contest?!" I rushed out.

"Sure thing girlie." The old man said.

    He went under the counter and pulled out a form and pen. The he gave it to me.

"Good luck. You might wanna sit down that will take a while to fill out." He said motioning to the packet of paper in my hands.

    I skimmed through it real quick. This is to easy. Theres 39 pages and 275 questions.

"I don't think she will sir, this girl is a wizard when it comes to facts about this band. I think it will only take about 5 minutes." Ava said.

   I placed the packet onto the counter and started answering the questions. They're like 1st grade math! I could do these in my sleep. I stuck my tonge out and wizzed right through the questions. Ava was right it did only take me 5 minutes. I think I spend to much time on tumblr. I filled out my name at the top straightened it out.

"Here you go sir! I'm all done!"

   I passed the packet to him and grabbed Ava. I made her skip out of the starbucks with me.

    Well let me introduce myself. I'm Baylie Elizabeth Winters. I'm 19 years old and born in Mullingar Ireland. I moved from Mullingar to Florida when I was 8 years old. My hair is blonde and cork srew curls. My eyes are a bright crystal blue color also. I have a habit of eating and not gaining weight. You might think I have an irish accent and I do but it's mixed in with a Floridian accent. (Floridians are real. That's what you call people from Florida so don't judge it.)

    I was a cheerleader in high school and did gymnastics and karatie. I still do gymnastics and karatie and I'm damn good at it. I have a younger brother who acts like my older brother but I don't mind. His name is Tim. He's 17 years old and is the quarterback for the football team. I go to all of his games. That's pretty much all I can tell you for now. Oh wait two more things. I work at Khols and I'm a mega directioner.

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