my place

this story is about a girl who loves her place but didnt expect this to happen........


1. just getting to know you

 My place is great I love it,especially because all I have to do is go down 7 floors in a lift to the park,I love the park because I can go on the  swings,slide and monkey bars oh and my favourite is the climbing frame and as I  say I  love my place."Oh no I shouted" as I reached to the park, "its destroyed into pieces said my friend clara"I went to get help, as soon as I got to my house I shouted" mum mum the park is destroyed",  mum looked out of the window and gasped oh "goodness she said im going to have to inform the concil with this one i ran quickly down to the lift to inform the others but when I got there I gasped again my  friend clara was on the floor crying with her glases nocked off and the others stuck up in the climbing frame screaming and crying then..... i heard a deap voice say to me back off i turned round and looked there were three eighteen year old boys with a dog that tryed to bite me then I  said to them take more  care of your dog mister with my hands on my hips the boy who was holding the dog through it at me I screamed as load as I could then fell to the ground with blood rushing out of eye brow were the dog bit me the boys were all laughing at me ontil caras dad came out with an even bigger dog and chased the boys away with it and i think they got a few bites 

 but I didnt care, caras dad gently lifted me up and brung me to my mum he began telling my mum the storie and then I had to go to A.N.E the hospital plce to get stitches in my eyebrow and then a few weeks later the park was fixed up and them boys knew not to come yeah I LOVE MY PLACE.

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