Winged Sisters...Vines

First book of a five book series, ~~imogen thought she was mearly a human, and so were her sisters, all five of them live in an orphanage, unfortunatlly, it was because their parents were dead, and she didnt know that they were the king and quenn of a magical place in the clouds. that is till they all turn 16 and find a little somthing in the woods...~~


3. (chaptertwo)

Slowly Allie opens her box. She was trembling, knelt down beside me. I could feel her body moving. She opens it fully and gasps. So do I. It is the most beautiful bracelet I have ever seen. It was blue, Allies favorite color .It had a dozen pearls on it. Connected with a crest, that kinda looks like water. As soon as she put it on something magical happened. From the bottom two pearls on every four strands of blues wrapped around her wrist and arm. It was breath taking. When it had finished she look really good, mature, ready for anything. She stood up and smiled at Topaz. She began to open her box. Like Allie she gasped she took out a ruby red ring. It sparkled in the sunlight, as she put it on her middle finger, it shone (Sp?) more. Also like Allie's bracelet, her ring wrapped around her finger and wrist. Magic. I looked at Coral and Nala, they looked back at me. We nodded in unison and picked up our boxes. Slowly, carefully, we opened our boxes. Together. 

Nala's POV;

As I opened my box, I saw this purple belly ring. It matches my hair, also my FAVORITE COLOUR. Its like got five amethysts in a row down my belly. Its so pretty. It looks like there is swirls in them, magical. I take out my current one and place this one in. When I was finished, small purple chains from the gems start to wrap around my waist. When the magic was done I looked up at Coral she had just put on a beautiful tiara, head piece thingy. It had a pink/coral leaf made out of little gems. When it was in place, just like the others, apart from Gen, who was just looking at something in her hand, Still knelt down. It expanded magically, it worked its way around her hair and hangs down near her ears. She looks even more prettier now! Finally Gen. She sat down, on her arse and went to her right ankle. She put on a beautiful green anklet. It had little elephants on it. When she clamped the clamp together it expanded. Around her ankle and down to her second toe and wrapped around that. Then it traveled back up her foot and swirled around the bottom of her leg. It stopped right above her ankle bone.

She stood up and walked over to the rest of us. We took each others hands and stood in a circle. I didn't know why it just felt like the right thing to do. We said words, ancient words i did not know what they meant.
"έχουμε βρεθεί για άλλη μια φορά. έχουμε καλέσει τη δύναμη που απαιτείται για την προσπάθειά μας. είμαστε οι κόρες της Αφροδίτης και του Άρη. νόμιμους κληρονόμους στην Αθήνα." We said all at the same time. Which was ,in my opinion, kinda freaky. We chanted the English version. Then I understood. "We have found ourselves once again. We summon the power needed for our quest. We are the daughters of Aphrodite and Ares. Rightful heirs to Athens." I figured it out. It was Greek we were speaking Greek. We chanted the ancient Greek version again."έχουμε βρεθεί για άλλη μια φορά. έχουμε καλέσει τη δύναμη που απαιτείται για την προσπάθειά μας. είμαστε οι κόρες της Αφροδίτης και του Άρη. νόμιμους κληρονόμους στην Αθήνα." After that the strangest thing ever happened. In the middle of our circle a beam of light appeared. It went twisting through all of us, until we were in a circle of lights. Green. Blue. Redie-Orangie-Yellow. Pink. Purple. And then wooosshh all the lights towered above us and shone brightly in the sky. "Like the Northan lights" i heard Coral say. "It's so pretty-ful" I heard Allie say. Gen, Topaz and I were just speechless, in a good way. Suddenly they all came crashing down on us. We were all knocked to the ground. Flat out. Bam. Passed out.

Conner's POV;
Kay, Gabrielle, and I were watching TV. The imbertweeners movie, classic. I just happened to glance out the window and guess what I saw. The lights. The lights all of the colors above the tree's. Were the girls were. "Gabrielle could you please leave, sweetie I need to talk to Kay in private. Thank you." I asked her quietly. "Okay." She replied sweetly.
"what was that about Conner?" Kay asked me.
"I needed to talk in private. And you cant move" I told her. "Kay the girls, they have found their powers at last, the boxes found them. I just saw the lights above the tree's. I thi-" she cut me off.
"Conner, the earth its going to tremble, you have to get to them, protect them, tell them everything. Go now!" she said . And with that I ran. As fast as I could towards the girls. The ground trembled beneath me. I turned around and sent a safety spell to Kay who who put it around the orphanage. I turned back and ran. Ran to where Gen built her tree house. I found the reeds and ran into them. I found the girls. All of them laying down, scattered around the pit. Uunconscious. Let's make sure. "Imogen, Hallie, Topaz, Coral, Nala!!! anyone awake?. Answer if you are, it's important!" I called out. None of them moved, none of them did anything just laid there. I went towards Nala, her hair was
purple, that's a good sign. Then I went to Coral her hair was pink, also a good sign. Next up was Topaz, her hair was just the way it should be, redie-orangie-yellow. Hallie's hair,... blue check. Imogen. Pale green. Just right. I picked her up and took her inside. Laid her on the humongous couch and went for the others. I got them all and they we're asleep on the couch. I swear Imogen is magic, its huge! And muli-colored, green, blue, pink, red, orange, black, navy... and then a huge cinema screen? What...? I guess I should watch something, I have a feeling they will be out for along time...

Imogen's POV;
Did Conner just shout my name? I cant move, or talk, my body feels weird. All i can do i guess is sleep oh well here goes nothing.
I woke up on something soft, and a banging headache! got what happened out there? I sat up. Too fast! I got really dizzy and flopedback down. Okay, trying again..... slowly. Right, i'm up and slowly the others rise to. We all scream at each other. Hair. Different colour. Coral PINK!, Topaz REDIE-ORANGIE-YELLOW!, Hallie BLUE!, Me GREEN!? It is a nice colour though. All of them are, suits them beautifully, like we were born to have these hair colors. We stop screaming all at once. "It actually suits everyone" I think out loud. "It does doesn't it? cool! I love your hair! And yours, and yours and of course yours Nala! Oh yeah and MINE!" Coral, being her hyper self rants on again. We all giggle. Then we notice Conner. "Whats he doing here?" asked Allie. "I don't know but, when he wakes up he's got some explaining to do" I say. They all nod.

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