Winged Sisters...Vines

First book of a five book series, ~~imogen thought she was mearly a human, and so were her sisters, all five of them live in an orphanage, unfortunatlly, it was because their parents were dead, and she didnt know that they were the king and quenn of a magical place in the clouds. that is till they all turn 16 and find a little somthing in the woods...~~


2. (chapterone)

"Hey look over there. There's my trail straight through that tree cave, through there is my surprise, and everyone will love it. Come on we wont get lost" I said and winked we never got lost, I always knew my way out. With a sigh of adventure we were off through the tree cave and we practically ran the whole way through the cave, laughing, screaming, running faster. In the end it turned out to be a race, and of course coral won again. When we got there at the end a door made out of leaves was what kept us from my surprise. "All right girls close your eyes and hold hands and I will take you trough.  Oh and keep those eyes closed till i say okay?" I said. I held on to Hayleigh's hand who held on to Topaz's who held on to Coral's, In a chain I opened the leave door and invited them into paradise! I created the tree house and I found the perfect spot to do it as well. Allie would love the waterfalls, T would like the campfire section, Coral would love the zip lines and slides everywhere. Nala would love the book room and the sleeping room. Me? well I just love the play trees. The 'living in' tree house was huge it took everyday for two years to design, plan, make and furnish with beautiful stuff. For some reason I choose this place because I felt a connection with it. "Hey Teddy, do you feel that connection, like a magical essence?" Allie asked me, the others nodded in agreement. "well I do feel a connection, that's the reason I built this here. Its like we were ment to find this place, I love it here. Wanna have a camp-out?, I'm sure Conner wont mind one bit." as I asked that and the girls took it in all I could hear afterwards was all of them talking at once. "HELL YEA!" and "PLEASE GEN PWEASE?" and "OMG I WOULD FUCKING LOVE YOU!" so of course we all ran back to the orphanage and got packed before we accually asked connor anything.

Knowing him he would say yea anyways." Gen, Allie, Topaz, Coral get your bums down here, its dinner time!" someone shouted, probably Conner or Kay, the runners and owners of this orphanage. "Hold your wrinkles, were coming" I said as we walked into the canteen/cafeteria/dinner room whatever you call it. "Good because Nala wants to show you something girls. She's through there" Kay said, and Conner pointed to our room door, yes its big, yes all five of us share a room, no big deal, its like a sleepover every night. "Why didn't she come with us on the trail?" topaz asked me and Conner at the same time.
"Well, you know this morning when we woke up at five? Yeah well she wasn't up, and I'm not getting punched again from having to wake her up,you know what's she's like. Also we had to sneak out and you full on know that she would make the biggest noise know to this man in the whole universe, and when I went to check on her, she wasn't there, like she just disappeared, freaky right...? So that's all I know...... Connor, what do you know about this situation?"I said and paused catching up on my breath, god that was like a mini speech, god I hate speeches, eashhh mentally shook myself. That's when it happened, a ear piercing scream so loud so screechy, like a banshee giving birth while she's frustrated, something's up, I looked over a Connor. He was covering his ears like the rest of us but his eyes held something, sorrow? sadness? Forgiveness? This is all way too weird, I thought.
 "this is all to weird, way way too weird!" topaz said as soon ask thought it, is she sidekick right now or something?

"hey I dont know, don't look at me,let's just go in and see what's up now. All right, prepare your self's, and try not to get hurt. 1... 2... 3...." i said, with every word getting closer to the door. "come on!!", i shouted as we heard another deafaning scream, all four of us hurried for our room.
" Anala-Lilly, what's wrong, calm down!" i said her full first name because it always gets her attention. the i noticed her hair. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR?!?!?" i shouted at her/ her hair, it was purple, her lovly rich chocolate hair was now
"you see what's wrong my hair!, its purple, and i woke up, with it, i never did anything to it, i loved my hair colour!!!" Nala said, or screeched, back to me. the others still frozen with shock.
"what are we gunna do now, Conner cant find out, he would kill us, all of us." Allie said in a very very quiet voice, as her body was still frozen. "Well, we need to sneak you out, its a good thing that conner agreed to us camping out tonight." I say and go over to my closet. i find my purple dinosaur hoodie and head back to them. i hand Nala my hoodie. "all right, so now we need to pack; sleeping bags and sleeping wear, cosmetics and clothes for tomorrow, also pack extra clothes, so that we all have spears,(sp?) Topaz? your the quickest, when your finnished can you get the food? lots of it, extras as well so we don't starve/ okay now let's get working." i say and every one does what i tell them to. as per usual Topaz finnishes first and heads out of the room to get the food. soon after she left we all finnished up packing, now its time for the food. just on queue Topaz walks back in with around 15 boxes, full of food i guess. we were all done and started for the front door. we reach the door unspotted by Conner or Kay.

before we leave i shout "Conner, Kay, we're leaving now. we'll be coming back tomorrow i don't know what time. byyyeeeee" and we rushed out the door and closed it with a bang so that they know we've accually left. and so we dont hear their replys. we walk down the steps of the orphanage holding hands. we continue to walk down the path, in the daylight, towards the forest's edge. we stop and lossen our hands. we all gear up and start for a race, i know my way but allie is the fastest. "lets see who wins huh? 1 2 3 go!!!!" i yell and run at my highest speed. i reach the reeds and allie sees them too now she's full on belting it and im puffed. lets just say i was second in this race. the others caught up quickly and we all walked through the reed door together. i swished half of the reeds to one side with my hand and we walk into our little world, our own den, all for ourselfs and loved ones. we were walking towars the tree house when somthing shining caught my eye. i stoped and turned towards it. so did the others. "what is it?" i heard Coral say. "i dont know, c'mon lets check it out." i say, placing my things on the floor and wonder over to the campfire pit. Coral does the same and walks by my side. we both bend down onto our kee's at the same time, to examine the five boxes sitting neatly in a circle. right in the middle of the pit. i her the other three come towards us. ! look..." Allie says "the've got our names on them" and she bends down to pick the one with her name up. so does Nala, Coral and Topaz. i am the last one the last box. i pick it up carfully and watch as the others open theirs.....

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