James and Lily

A prequel to Harry Potter.


1. Lily's Christmas Holliday

It was a dark night as Lily Evans sat in her bedroom. She held her wand, twirling it in her fingers, staring out the window towards the stars, twinkling in the black blanket surounding the house. It was almost midnight. She lifted her bag on to her bed and took the thick yellow parchment and read the green lettering over and over. Her life had changed so much over the last few months, since she had recived that letter. She thought of Severus, the first person she had met in the wizarding world. She thought of all the people she had met at school. She took her homework out of her bag and looked it before deciding that she would do it in the morning. She put her hand back in her bag and took out her copy of 'Tales of Beedle the Bard' and put her wand in her desk. She took a torch out of her bag and put the bag on the floor.

She sat with the torch light reflecting off the bright wite pages of the book as her eyes moved slowly along each line of the page. Her eyes grew tired as she read. Slowly, she fell asleep.

The story she was reading continued in her mind as she slept.

When she awoke the next morning, the book was laying open on the pae she was on when she fell asleep. "Lily! Breakfast!" her mum yelled. Lily walked down the stairs and sat at the kitchen table.

When she had finnished eating she went back up stairs and opened the spell book that was on her desk. She held her wand in her hand and practiced the spells. The laws said that she was not to use magic outside of school but she had homework to do.

She practiced her spells all day until her owl flew through the window, a letter attatched to her leg. She removed the letter and read it.

"Dear Lily,

Sorry it's a little late.


In the envolope was a small necklace with an owl carrying a letter. She smiled as she held the small pendant in her hand and she smiled. She put the necklace on and went downstairs. "Mum, I'm going out!" she yelled. She slipped her wand into her pocket and left, closing the door quietly on her way out.

She knocked on the black door. A tall man with a crooked nose answerd. "Is Severus in?" she asked. Although she had never met the man that had answered however, she could tell he was related to Severus by the eyes and the hair. "Sev!" yelled the man. A moment later, the teenage boy that Lily knew was stood at the door. "Hi, Lily." he said when he saw her. He smiled. She smiled back. "Hi, Sev. I'm going for a walk, do you want to come?" He said nothing, instead he smiled and nodded. "I'll be back soon." He said and he closed the door.

Together, they walked through the park where they first met. They didn't talk much, only the occasional comment about the weather or something similar.


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