As Long As You Love Me

Ellie has always dreamed of running away from her abusive home, but she can never find the strength to run. She's always been beaten as long as she can remember by her abusive father. As if that isn't worse enough her mother verbally abuses her, she on her dads side. Ellie's not allowed to go to school, instead to keep from being beaten she is ordered by both her father and her mother o find them drugs, beer, ect. Neither parents work so she is forced to steal. One day she steals from the wrong person, could it be good or bad?


7. Thinking

Ellie's P.O.V

The night ended faster than I expected, laughter, smiles, me modeling clothes for Harry, it all felt like a dream. The happiness I never thought I would have, nor did I deserve. I thought about what Eleanor had said. Her words flashed through my brain. Maybe he did like me, I surely was crushing on him. The green-eyed boy fell asleep in my lap once we got home. So peaceful he layed there, innocent, the most vulnerable state he could ever be in. His eye lashes resting perfectly on his cheeks, those brown curls flopped over exposing his beautiful forehead. All my emotions so mixed up, so confused. I slowly leaned down & pressed my lips to his so softly, barely making contact. He felt it. In a split second his eyes shot open and his hands flew to my neck pulling himself up. Wait, he was kissing back.

Harry's P.O.V

  She kissed me. I was asleep laying in her lap and she kissed me.She obviously wasn't expecting me to wake up, she was a little shocked at first but went on just as well. Her lips so soft, sweet, and warm, my hands resting on her hips hers running wild through my hair. The kiss got more and more heated as time passed on, I knew it wouldn't go further than this though. As we both pulled back a smile played on her lips as I pulled her back into my arms embracing her tiny figure.


"yes my love?" our voices only a whisper.

"I think I like you I mean like a sorta a different fee-" I interrupted, rude but not in the way I did it. I pressed my lips back against hers the same warmth and softness flowing straight through. Soft, but full of passion, love, and lust being ever so careful not to break the fragile girl before me. I kissed her with what I had everything, anything. She had obviously fallen and I was determined to catch her, to show her love can treat you right. Shes everything saved her life, gave her a chance, and she trusts me now she kissed me first she made the move she told me. Shes amazing all I ever wanted, beauty, priceless, love that's stronger than anything you can imagine She pulled away still so close our foreheads touching.

"I think you got your answer"

Ellie's P.O.V

I loved this boy, I know I do, I know it just by the smile that played on his lips the words that came out of his mouth, the intense moments we just had and are both savoring. He picked me up bridal style and carried me into his room. His eyes intently watching me as I slipped into his t-shirt that had become my sleepwear. I looked up at him and smile and kissed his cheek.

"come on Harry lay down with me" he laid down the comfort and warmth from him the safety of his arms wrapped around me was everything I wanted. I wanted closer, I climbed on top of him laying on his chest with my head laying in the crook of his neck and his head resting on mine. His arms wrapped around his love so strong.



"Do you trust me? Like from what we just did with your heart."

"Of course I do."

"Good." I felt him relax.

"Harry, I love you."

"I love you too baby girl."

"I never told you but thank you for saving me thanks for giving me a shot at living and now I found you someone to live it with someone to feel love from, because I've never been loved you're the first."

"You are so welcome, but doll its late we both need sleep, I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be loads of fun!"

"Me too." I softly whispered.

"Sleep tight my love, I love you." he kissed my lips

"I love you too."

Harry's P.O.V

She told me she loved me, she off to sleep her figure laying on top of me wanting to be as close as she can be latched on to me so tight scared of being let go. I loved her too without a doubt but this will take time we can't just jump right in. I watched sleep for a bit and drifted off myself.


I'm going to make tomorrow one of the best days of her entire life.



Hey guys sorry I haven't updated this chapter has gotten deleted 3 times. THREE! School is so busy! Life seems good now(: kik me: 1D_rock_my_world follow all three igs for 1d info on the boys and my fanfic and them my personal be sure to let me know you got this info off here @kenzie_bearr < personal @122046 < co owned with a guy directioner @1Dtattoos < fanfic, imagines, prefernces ect. THANKS!




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