As Long As You Love Me

Ellie has always dreamed of running away from her abusive home, but she can never find the strength to run. She's always been beaten as long as she can remember by her abusive father. As if that isn't worse enough her mother verbally abuses her, she on her dads side. Ellie's not allowed to go to school, instead to keep from being beaten she is ordered by both her father and her mother o find them drugs, beer, ect. Neither parents work so she is forced to steal. One day she steals from the wrong person, could it be good or bad?


6. Nandos With A Smile

  Harry's P.O.V


   Today we were taking Ellie Shopping! I was so excited, and I know El is too! El loves to pick out adorable outfits and she'll set Elle up. Dani will help with shoes, I'm so glad her and Li are together and so are most of the fans. Perrie's good with hair styles and things of that nature shes been told no make up I want Elle to be natural of course for special occasions she'll wear SOME but none like some of these girls wear.

  I could tell she was pretty nervous about meeting them, but I reassured her everything will be okay. We were going to Nandos for lunch, of course. She was finally ready and we walked to the car and headed there. I put on our exclusive cd waiting to see her reaction. The music came on and she jumped a bit but soon singing along to Live While We're Young. "Do you know who that is?" "No?" I pointed at her shirt. She smiled "HARRY! You guys are so good!" soon Little Things came on and I smiled at her "Listen to the lyrics of this song, I'll tell you who is singing."

  Ellie's P.O.V

   He played his band to me in the car on the way. The song was so catchy! "Listen to the lyrics of this song, I'll tell you who is singing" He told me. I smiled and listened as the song played slow song but so sweet the lyrics ever so powerful briging tears to my eyes as Harry reached his solo and sang it out loud for me to hear tears sliding down my cheeks because I knew he was directing it to me. I smiled as he sang and the song ended we arrived and I immediately jump on him tackling him with hugs and kisses on his cheeks.

  He was laughing and he picked me up putting me on his back as he ran towards the resturaunt. We walked in to see them all waiting and me still on Harry's back. All the boys seemed to crack up we were just standing there I the middle of the restaurant me on Harrys back giggling and smiling and Harry popping his dimple smile as he tried not to laugh. "What a fancy way to enter a restaurant." Louis said. "You look much happier now, than the last Your all smiles and laughing!" Liam said a beautiful girl sitting at his side I'm assuming Danielle. She stood up along with two other girls.

 "Harry Harry let me dowwwwnn!" "Okay silly!" he said me dropping down. "Well hello, I'm Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend. But you can call me El." She said with a smile. "Hi there Eleanor, but you can call me El! Harry's told me about you might I say your are gorgeous!" "Same to you miss Ellie" Perrie next. "Ello! Im Perrie! Zayn's girl!" "Hello Perrie! I'm Ellie!" "What a lovely name, a lovely name for a lovely girl." "Thank you! I love your hair by the way!" Danielle! "Hello love! Im Danielle, but you can call me Dani!" "Im Ellie, you're hair is so pretty!" "Thank you. My my my aren't you a beaut." No, im-" "I KNOW RIGHT! She's absolutely gorgeous!" I was giggling at the silly Harry.  He was truly adorable.  "Well, ARE WE EVER GONA EAT?!" Oh Niall. "Guys lets eat before the hungry leprechaun eats our toes." Louis always made us laugh. I forgot all about my nerves as we ate and talked.

 El stood when she finished and asked me to walk with her. I walked outside ad we walked to a park that was across the street from Nandos. "So, Harry huh?" "I'm sorry?" "I see the way he looks at you and the way you look at him, sweet heart he likes you." "What?" "Clearly to me, your savior boy has developed a crush, my love." "Well, maybe I like him too.." "Show him he needs a girl in his life and your absolutely perfect."  "AW, thank you, but far from it maybe we should head back to the restruant now." Alright!" we walked back over to Nandos. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!" harry rand and picked me up squeezing me tight "I was so worried!" "It's okay Harry El was just talking to me." "LETS GO SHOPPING!!"


Harry took my hand and out we went, oh how this is going to go.

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