As Long As You Love Me

Ellie has always dreamed of running away from her abusive home, but she can never find the strength to run. She's always been beaten as long as she can remember by her abusive father. As if that isn't worse enough her mother verbally abuses her, she on her dads side. Ellie's not allowed to go to school, instead to keep from being beaten she is ordered by both her father and her mother o find them drugs, beer, ect. Neither parents work so she is forced to steal. One day she steals from the wrong person, could it be good or bad?


1. Me

Hi I am Ellie Mae Robertson, I am fifteen and not very smart. There isn't much to know about me I'm just the girl who's known for stealing from anyone and anything. Most people judge me by what they see. But behind my actions there's a story. I live in a small town I'm not sure of the name all I know is I live in England. I am not very tall I'm assuming around 5'1 I have no clue what my is weight I just know I'm too skinny, and rarley fed. I have long blonde hair and blue eyes that don't sparkle like they should. My blonde hair is usually in knots and dirty because I don't get that many chances to wash it. I am forced to work and clean and steal for my abusive parents. My mom verbally abuses me and my dad physically. I'm usually beaten around twice a day from my dad. Thats if I get everything clean and steal and get what both my parents want. If don't Inever know how many times because it depends really on his anger level. You think my mom would try and stand up for her own daughter that she gave birth to, but no she sideswith my dad and calls me horrible things and telling me I'm not worth anything. I think its because she's scared that if she sides with me she will get the horrible beatings that I constantly get. If I was her, I'd probably be the same way.

    My beatings usually start with a hit to the stomach causing me to crouch over. He then goes for my head kicking me with his hard boots sending me seeing blurs and feeling dizzy. But after so many times I guess you learn to tolerate it. he scratches at my skin making cuts everywhere. He punches me in the face causing my nose to bleed and this last time, I'm pretty sure it's broken. He jerks me up by my hair and pulls large chunks out making my head bleed and me cry out in pain. Then if I've no all ready blacked out he'll take me to the stove dragging me by my hair, picks me up turns the stove on and pushes my arms or legs against it causing large burns which cause me to scream in pain and black out. I only remember falling to the floor when he does the burn. Usually he doesn't do the same routine because I get used to the pain and he knows that. Once I black out I have no control of what he does after that but I know he doesn't stop as i have more bruises and cuts then i remember before I blacked out. I'm usually always covered in cuts and most of all bruises. But no one notices because I'm only allowed outside the house to steal. I steal beer, weed, food, drinks, and other drugs. If I don't get what they want I get more beatings. I've always thought I deserved all this, that kids are made to be beaten. That was all I knew until one night that I didn't know would change my life.

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