As Long As You Love Me

Ellie has always dreamed of running away from her abusive home, but she can never find the strength to run. She's always been beaten as long as she can remember by her abusive father. As if that isn't worse enough her mother verbally abuses her, she on her dads side. Ellie's not allowed to go to school, instead to keep from being beaten she is ordered by both her father and her mother o find them drugs, beer, ect. Neither parents work so she is forced to steal. One day she steals from the wrong person, could it be good or bad?


2. Caught

   I woke up to the sound of my father yelling through the house. "Ellie you better get up right now or else I'll beat the living crap out of you!!" he yelled. That wasn't just a threat, he meant it! I jumped up as fast as I could ran a brush through my diry hair and ran down the stairs to see what he wanted. "Ellie your late!" he said as he smacked me. I didn't cry out as that would make it worse. "Ellie you need to go get us so-so- some beer." he slurred obviously drunk. "Da-dad your already drunk!" I managed to get out. "I don't care I want MORE" he yelled and pushed me backwards making me fall. I didn't dare protest instead I jumped up and ran for the door hearing him yell the whole way ignoring everything he said.

   Once I got outside I knew exactly what I had to do. I had to find the nearest small store and get exactly what my dad had asked for and fast! I ran down the street making sure no one was watching me, I had to be careful because if I was to get caught and arrested my dad would surely kill me. I saw a little gas station down the road. It was fairly nice so they wouldn't even notice I had taken anything. I walked in and greeted the cashier so she wouldnt suspect anything. I walked back and selected the first cans of beer in my sight. I'm not that stupid as to not have something to put them in. I had a hoodie on so I put them in the pockets & hood of it. I had around six of them and I decided since I had some extra space I would get some food. I knew I would probably end up giving it to my dad if he saw it.

        I decided I had enough so I headed to the door. The register was pretty lined up so I knew she wouldn't see me. I walked out smiling at my success. Just then I heard someone's feet pounding against the pavement right behind me. I looked back and saw a curly headed boy running full speed trying to catch me! I panicked and thought it was someone who worked at the store and immediatly saw a vision of my dad in my head. I started to run faster but he was catching up and fast! I was almost home and hopefully he wouldn't come in. I was running up the stairs at our door and he was hot on my tail. I tripped over one of the stairs making me fall backwards and all the beer bottles break. I knew I was in big trouble with my dad and he would probably kill me now! He heard all the noise and came outside picking me up and throwing me back the boy watching from a safe distance it didn't take much for me to black out.

 Harry's P.O.V.

I saw this girl taking beer at the gas station we were stopped at. I thought she was taking it for herself but I was wrong. I saw her go out the door and I immediatly followed her we ran for quite a while before we finally got up to a house I'm assuming was hers. She started running up the stairs and I thought I wasn't gonna catch her until she tripped. She fell causing all the beer to break. next thing I knew a big buff guy I'm guessing her father came outside and yelled at her. Her name I found out from her dad's screaming was Ellie. I backed up and almost left but decided to stay and see what he was going to do to her. He picked up her small body and threw her back from what I could see I think  she went unconsious. He kicked her side and she didn't move so she was definatly out. He didn't care and carried on beating her up, watching him hurt her like that brought tears to my eyes and since it was dark and no one was out here watching me I let them fall. I decided to go back and tell the boys before he killed her! I ran as fast as I possibley could hoping to save her life.

  I got back to the boys and told them everything I had seen. We decided to go see if we could help her. Since I had been there it didn't take us long before we got there "Hey Haz?" "Yea Liam?" "Whats her name" "Ellie" I answered him just as we got there. We told the driver not to pull in as that would make her dad think someone was here. She was laying right where I had seen her last. I jumped up and ran out there to her the rest of the boys following. She was all cut up and bleeding. I panicked and gentley picked her up she was still unconsious and I was kinda glad so it wouldn't hurt her. This was obviously not the first time this had happended.

   Paul suggested we take her to the hospital I thought so too but I didn't want her to get taken from me! We drove to the nearest hospital and I carried her inside. They put her in a room and hooked her up to all kinds of wires. Soon enough she was waking up, her eyes fluttered open and she did something I would have never expected her to do.



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