As Long As You Love Me

Ellie has always dreamed of running away from her abusive home, but she can never find the strength to run. She's always been beaten as long as she can remember by her abusive father. As if that isn't worse enough her mother verbally abuses her, she on her dads side. Ellie's not allowed to go to school, instead to keep from being beaten she is ordered by both her father and her mother o find them drugs, beer, ect. Neither parents work so she is forced to steal. One day she steals from the wrong person, could it be good or bad?


3. Authors Note

  Hey guys, sorry if you thought this was an update! My dad shut down my computer and I lost 5 paragraphs of chapter 3. I'm going to start working on it again I wont get much done tomorrow but I'll try and get it up by tomorrow night I have a doctors appointment Tuesday for my foot I had surgery and I have six poles sticking out and I find out when I get them out Tuesday. Chapter three will now be in chapter four.  But thank you guys for reading! Comment and like & favorite tell me what you think! If you want to talk to me privatley you can Kik me @1D_rock_my_world (: love you guys xx

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