Never Alone, Through The Times

It's been five years since Diana helped her ghostly friend ascend from earth, and she's in trouble now. The Illuminati didn't appreciate her killing their leader, and now they want to target her. Pursued by the most well-organized and powerful secret society in the known world, she must watch her back. Anyone could be a member. A mother...a friend...a lover...anyone.
For the unexpected adventure competition.


1. First In Five Years

Why should I bother? I mean, it's been years now, and I haven't had one word from him. These things are dangerous anyway, and they're not designed for speaking to angels. There's like, a million to one chance I'll get to speak to him.

"Go for it, Di. You never know, he could have a message for you." Hissed the encouraging part of me, which still stuck around.

It did have a point though. He could have a really important message for me, and because I've not contacted him, I can't get it. Mind you, I've tried to contact him at least once a week for the past five years, yet I've got nothing in response.

"If he wanted to talk to you, he'd have done it by now. Maybe the "good time" for you, is a "bad time" for him." The demoralizing part of me whispered, as I stroked the pure white feather in my hand. It's my most prized possession, that feather. Fresh from the back of an angel.

"He's in the Celestial City, where any time is a good time. He can't contact me, as I'm the one with the board." I reply,  Sometimes it sucks being the alive one in a cross-dimensional friendship.

Ok, I might as well go ahead. The five purple candles for the archangels are lit, arranged on the five points of a pentagram. The nine white ones for the apostles are lit, in a circle around the purple ones. There's salt water, for enhancement. Holy water, in case I accidentally drag a demon through. The Ouija board is in the middle of the table, and the feather is in the middle of the pointer. Exactly like how it says in my book on the Occult, which I really need to give back to the library as I already owe a huge fine.

Calmly, I kneel down in front of the table. My silk dressing gown slips over the back of my heels, tickling the highly polished floor. Most days of the week, this is my bedroom. One night though, it becomes a hot-spot for contacting angels.

"Michael, it's Diana. I've missed you. Are you there?" I ask, placing my hands gently on the pointer. The thick oak is cool to touch, but not cold, like metal. It's just right, and reminds me of when Michael held me close when I was scared or lonely.

Nothing, again. It's been nothing for the past five years. I want to speak to him again just one more time. Even if it's just one word. I miss him so much!

"Michael, please. If you can, I just want to speak to you. Are you there?" I ask, as I feel the familiar touch of tears on the skin under my eyes. Maybe I should just give up. Return the library book, snuff out the candles, and sell the Ouija board.

I sigh, but as I go to move my hands, the pointer jerks out.

I...I...he's back! The pointer's on YES, so he's back! For the first time in five years, he's back!

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