Never Alone, Through The Times

It's been five years since Diana helped her ghostly friend ascend from earth, and she's in trouble now. The Illuminati didn't appreciate her killing their leader, and now they want to target her. Pursued by the most well-organized and powerful secret society in the known world, she must watch her back. Anyone could be a member. A mother...a friend...a lover...anyone.
For the unexpected adventure competition.


2. A Warning

I couldn't believe it! He said we couldn't see each other again until I died! Guess we can still talk though. "Michael, I missed you so much. How are things up in Heaven?" I ask, unable to control the tears soaking my face.

"I- M-I-S-S- Y-O-U- 2" The board reads, as the pointer darts from letter, to letter, to number. It's so cool, how we can be communicating again after so long.

"Michael, how is it all? You know, after ascension?" I asked, wanting to tread carefully. I mean, I spent years with him after I helped him kick Illuminati butt. Plus he saved my life more times than I can remember.

"O-D-D- I- M-I-S-S- U" The board read. It's strange, having a conversation with a ghost whilst having to do something weird in the process. I'm more used to talking to ghosts as normally as I'd talk to a person. Mind you, he's not a ghost anymore, so that explains a lot.

I smile slightly, as I bet Heaven seems odd to him. When I first met him, he was all about skulking around invisible, knocking on walls, creating disembodied voices and generally just making the situation more like a Paranormal Activity film.

What exactly is Heaven like? Is it an exact replica of earth, but with all the bad things taken out? Or is it a vast, golden city with clouds everywhere? I've always wanted to know.

"Michael, do you have a message for me?" I asked, as in mythology and stuff like that, angels sometimes deliver messages to the living. Like Gabriel and the Virgin Mary.

Nothing. Meh, I guess he doesn't. Although, if he didn't, wouldn't he just make the pointer go to NO instead? That's worrying.

"Michael, is there something wrong?" I asked, as that absence of a response was worrying me. What if something else had crept through the veil and gotten at him?

I never expected the response I got.

"D-A-N-G-E-R- C-O-M-I-N-G- U- R- I-N- D-A-N-G-E-R- R-U-N- R-U-N- F-A-R- W-I-N-D-O-W- S-M-A-S-H- I-L-L-U-M-I-N-A-T-I- W-A-N-T- U- D-E-A-D- M-O-S-T- W-E-L-L- K-N-O-W-N- A-L-B-U-M- S-O-N-G- 1- Y-O-U- M-U-S-T- R-U-N"

What? How am I in danger? We took out the Illuminati leader when I was fifteen. What was the most well-known of his albums? Damn, he knows I'm hopeless at that sort of thing.

I suddenly knew what he meant, when I heard the downstairs window smash.

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