Spirit Child

After waking up to a world of chaos, Facet and Fleck have to run. They must go on a long journey to Astra, to find the truth about themselves. But they are constantly being hunted.
(for the unexpected journey competition)


4. Chapter 3

I pressed my hand against the glass, entranced by the view speeding past. Forests, mountains, fields,  lakes, all blurring past the window as we sped along.

"How does it move so fast?" I breathed, as a small deer looked up in surprise, dark eyes staring straight into mine as the train went past.

We had a single room, one bed each for me and Fleck. He was lying on his, one leg propped up on the other, flicking through a magazine that had been left in the room. "I dunno. Steam or something."

I sighed, turning around. "What's wrong? Why aren't you excited?"

"I'm just thinking." Fleck put down the magazine. "I'm just wondering why I can move things. I mean, we've never met any other spirits that can. So why can I?"

"Well, maybe Gran can tell us," I shrugged. "Anyway, I'm hungry. Let's go get some food. Is there a place you can buy some?"

He stood up, putting down the magazine and walking over to the door. "Yeah, I think it said that there was one." Fleck reached out to open the door but I grabbed his wrist, stopping him. 

"Come on, Fleck. You can't do that in public!" I opened the door and we walked outside into the corridor, the floor bouncing up and down in time with the train. 

"Facet, I can't do anything that you can do. Apart from this one thing. Please, let me move things." I stopped in surprise. Fleck had never mentioned this at all, that he was unhappy. I didn't know anything about this.

"Well, that's hardly my fault," I retaliated. An old lady entered the door at the end of the corridor, but I didn't care that I was almost shouting.

"I. Can't. Do. A. Thing!" Fleck shouted at me. I stepped backwards in alarm, walking into the old lady. I quickly stepped forwards, giving her a hand as she stumbled.

"Oh, sorry dear. Did you hear a shout? I'm sure I did. Must be someone in their carriage." She smiled sweetly at me.

No. She couldn't have done. She couldn't have heard Fleck. That was impossible. 

Unless he was developing. He could move things already, why not shout things. My heart raced as I began to think of the possibilities.

"I'm sorry, you must be mistaken." I brushed past the woman, my voice cold as I pulled Fleck with me into a small nook in the wall. "What was that?" I whispered to him. "How did she hear you?"

Fleck looked as confused as I did. "I don't know! I just shouted, then she heard me. I didn't do anything special."

I took a deep breath, trying to gather my tangled thoughts. "Right. Let's just try and forget about it, unless it happens again. Let's go get some food."

We walked to the cafe in silence, each pondering what had happened. Fleck grabbed us a table, while I went and paid for some sausage rolls. I couldn't help but stare out of the window as I queued, the beautiful scenery too gorgeous to miss. 

A shape moved on the glass, a man's shape slowly taking form as I focused. What? A man was out there? It was far too cold! The train could run him over! I sprinted over to the window, trying to open it, to get him inside.

"Are you all right?" I spun around to see a man smiling at me, holding a chocolate muffin. He was tall, with balding grey hair and glasses. He wore a waterproof coat and jeans, a small bulge in the pocket of them. His eyes were the colour of steel.

"Yeah." I looked back at the window, to see the man staring back at me. Oh. It had been a reflection. Silly me. "I, just, thought there was someone out there."

He smiled. The smile of a snake. "I'm Alistair." He held out his hand and I tentatively shook it, though I pulled my hand out quickly. 

"Facet," I replied nervously. Fleck gesticulated wildly at me from the table, but I just shrugged and turned back to the man. 

"Where are you coming from?"

"Um, Lasium." My mind went blank, though I knew our town name well.

"So, Facet. Are your parents with you?"

I didn't know whether to lie, or to tell the truth. "Um, no. It's just me and my spirit."

"Where is your spirit, Facet? I hope you haven't lost him." I didn't laugh at his joke.

I pointed over to the table where Fleck was sitting. "Over there. He's waiting for me to buy the food."

"Ah. So, how is Fleck?"

"Well, he's o-"

I stopped. I had never told the man Fleck's name. My eyes strayed to the bulge in his pocket. I could see a dull black handle.

"Fleck, run!" I shouted.

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