Spirit Child

After waking up to a world of chaos, Facet and Fleck have to run. They must go on a long journey to Astra, to find the truth about themselves. But they are constantly being hunted.
(for the unexpected journey competition)


3. Chapter 2

We carried on running, through streets and streets. Though my lungs ached and I tripped several times, flying forwards over the pavements, Fleck encouraged me on. We ran through parts of town I'd never seen before, though Fleck always knew the way. 

Finally, we stopped outside a giant building. It was made of white marble, towering above us, with an ornate clock embedded in a large tower. There were archways, leading inside to a giant hall, with people walking up and down hurriedly. Great noises came from within, screeching and groaning. I recoiled, looking at Fleck. 

"Why are we here? Where is this?" He smiled reassuringly at me, taking my hand and pulling me forwards. There were others walking in, their hands in the strange position like mine, arm leaning out, clasped around an invisible hand.

Fleck pulled the rucksack off my arm, where it had hung loosely while I ran, pulling out a folded piece of paper. "This is the train station, according to this map. We can get a train, so we can get away."

I looked over his shoulder, squinting at the jumble of lines and dots. The bangs still echoed in my head, clear as if they were right next to me. Two shots. That was all that was needed. "What's a train?"

Fleck groaned, glaring at me. "Didn't you listen in Geography?"

I snorted, "Geography's dull."

"They're like cars. Only they can hold lots of people and go a very long way without stopping. But they can only go a certain way, though they're very big. If we want to get out of here, we need to get one."

I yanked the map back, angrily stuffing it in the rucksack. "Who says we have to leave here anyway?" My voice began to escalate as I spoke, panic rising within me. "Mum and dad could be alive, we don't know they're dead! They could've missed! They might need our help, we've got to go back for them!" I wrenched my arm free, turning back in the general direction of our house. Fleck grabbed my shoulder, pulling me back.

"But we can't take that risk! Dad told us to run, so we need to get out of here."


"Do you want those men to catch us? I think they were after us. It could be because I can move things, we don't know! But they'll kill people, we need to go!" Fleck shoved me forwards and I stumbled ahead, inside the hall.

Wide ceilings reached up overhead, glass arranged in decorative patterns, light shining through onto the tiled floor. There was line of booths on one side, which Fleck directed me to. I found myself in front of a man, his greasy hair neatly parted, glasses perched on his small nose. 

"How many of you and where are you going?" he said in a bored tone, looking down at us.

"Um," Fleck whispered the words in my ear. "I want a double to Astra."

"You can only go to Popar, then get a car to Astra," he replied, in the same monotone.

I nodded vigorously. "That'll be fine." Fleck placed some coins in my hand, clinking together. I shot a warning glance at him, with a hissed, "not in public." If he was right, and they were chasing us because of him, then he shouldn't show what he could do in public.

I pushed the coins through the slot, then took the paper tickets that he handed back. "No, I'm sure they'll be fine," he told his spirit. Well, if his spirit was caring, he clearly wasn't.

I ignored him, looking at the numbers on my ticket. Platform 5, it said. Answering my unsaid question, Fleck replied," That's like where the trains park. It'll leave without us if we don't get there soon. Come on, run!"

I started to sprint, Fleck running alongside me. I grinned as I tried to outrun him, pushing my legs faster and faster. He kept up just fine though. But we were exactly the same. We both had dark brown hair, with clear grey eyes. We were exactly the same height and weight, with the same amount of muscles. It was impossible to beat him.

I skidded to a halt, choking on a giggle. Mum and Dad were dead. We shouldn't be happy. We should be mourning them, thinking about them. Not out gallivanting, having a good time. "We shouldn't be doing this."

Fleck mistook my meaning, thinking I was talking about this entire thing. "Come on, we have to get out of here. We've got to get on, it'll leave soon!"

I looked around, then froze as I saw a giant metal monster looking back. It was long and thin, a dull grey, stretching down the platform as far as I could see. Doors slid open and shut on the walls, with small circular windows at regular intervals. We couldn't get on that, it would eat me alive.

"We can't-"

"Come on!" Fleck yelled, pulling me through the doors and inside.

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