Spirit Child

After waking up to a world of chaos, Facet and Fleck have to run. They must go on a long journey to Astra, to find the truth about themselves. But they are constantly being hunted.
(for the unexpected journey competition)


2. Chapter 1

"So, have you done the Science homework yet?"

I was sitting in my room, Fleck lying on the bed next to me, bouncing a ball off the wall. I continued doodling in my pad, drawing random swirls and flowers, spreading across the page. "If you didn't keep nagging me, then maybe I would!"

He held his hands up,"It's not like I can do it." I chucked my pen at him, laughing as it went through his skull and hit the wall, while he mock-winced in pain. 

"But I'm going shopping with Laurie tomorrow! I'll just do it in the lesson, it'll be fine."

"Aw, come on! I have to listen to you two jabber about shoes all afternoon?" He grabbed the ball, throwing it at my head. I ducked, letting it hit the wall.

His tone turned serious, as he turned to look at me, worry clouding his grey eyes. "When are we going to tell your parents? You know, that I can move stuff." 

It had started a month ago. Spirits couldn't usually touch the real world, only their inhabitant. Throughout my childhood, Fleck had constantly tickled and poked me, but could never touch anything else, as was normal. But once, in class, he'd picked up my pen. I'd been messing around, throwing paper aeroplanes to Jader, while he'd gotten frustrated. I think he'd intended to pretend to do the work, but had shocked both of us, when the pen actually lifted off the desk. I'd gasped, turning to look as it fell back to the desk, him dropping it as if it was a disease. No-one had seen, but he'd been honing the skill ever since. Objects couldn't touch him, but if he tried hard enough to touch them, he could move them.

It was worrying. I'd never heard of spirits being able to do that before and I was nervous about telling anyone, though Fleck wanted to. Mum or Dad hadn't seen anything, to my relief. If they'd come in earlier and seen the ball magically bouncing off the wall, they would have been worried.

I sighed, "Give me another week."

"Seriously, another one? Come on, we need to tell the-"

Fleck's voice trailed off, as shouts began to come from downstairs. I could hear Mum shouting back, loudly. There was a short bang, then silence. A sob ripped out of my throat, as I clapped a hand to my mouth. No. It couldn't be. Things like that didn't happen here. This was a nice neighbourhood. 

Our door burst open and a figure burst in. "Dad?" I whimpered at the dishevelled shape staggering over to us. There were creaks, as people started running up the stairs. I backed up against the wall, shaking uncontrollably. "Who are they?"

Dad's eyes were wide, his hair ruffled and his face pale. He looked as if he'd seen someone die. Maybe he had. Unseen to Dad, Fleck reached over and took my hand, squeezing it reassuringly. Dad seemed to be pushed over to us, which was probably Toam. From what I could gather, she was more outgoing than Dad. "You've got to go," he shouted, as footfalls banged on the floor outside. Soon they'd reach the door. "Get out! Go!"

Fleck dragged me over to the window, his teeth clenched in effort, as he managed to push it open. Dad stared at it, the window moving by itself, as the footsteps got louder. "So that's why," he said, almost to himself. Then he broke out of his daze, pushing me over to the edge of the window, blocking the door with my desk. "Go, get out of here! You've got to run!"

"Where do I go?" I was sitting with my legs dangling out of the window, shaking as I stared at the ground below. Fleck passed me a rucksack, as Dad looked around, panicked. 

"Take my hands!" I took his rough palms, screaming as he pushed me out the window, leaving me dangling by my arms. He meant for me to drop. "Go to your Gran, in Astra! She can tell you everything!" There were muffled bangs from the door, it jerking in its frame as it was rammed from the other side. "Now, go!" 

Dad let go of my hands and I screeched as I was dropped, anticipating the hard concrete below. But I landed in arms, as Fleck caught me. He gave me a quick grin, before grabbing my hand and pulling me along the street. I started to run, past the black van outside, past the door hanging open. 

I heard another bang, loud and sharp, echoing through the street. "Dad," I choked, tears running down my cheeks. 

"We've got to go!" Fleck shouted, dragging me along.

That was the morning that my whole life changed.

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