April was different to any other girl Harry had ever met. She had her septum pierced, blue hair, and many tattoos. She was truly beautiful, but nobody cared. They bullied her for being her true self, and everyone treated her differently, just because she wasn't the same as them..

( This story is entirely in Harry's POV, and it's nearly all a flashback. It's him telling a story about his old best friend April, who committed suicide because of bullying.)


1. The Interview.

Interview after interview, they just keep coming. I don't mind, but it's just that they ask us the same questions. Who takes the longest to get ready? What's your favourite thing to do? I'm just sick of them. They're all the same.

" Hey guys, I'm Megan on the Hollywood Hotwire and I'm here with..... One direction!" she shouts. 

" Hey!" Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and I say in unison. This was the routine whilst we were in interviews.

Megan turned to face us. We were all squished on the one couch whilst she had one all to herself? 

She flipped through the numerous index cards someone had left her.

" So guys, I'm going to ask you some questions okay?" she said, reading the cards.

Everyone nodded their heads, but not saying anything.

" Who takes the longest to get ready?" she asked. See? This is asked to us everyday, and the answer is always Zayn.

" Zayn." everyone answers in unison, see? You'd get pretty tired of it if you were me wouldn't you?

She nodded her head in approval. Everyone knew the answer to that question, and yet they still ask it. She flipped through the cards again and pulled out an orange card.

" What's your main pet peeve?" she asks. This is another popular question. I felt like saying: ' my main pet peeve is when people ask us the same questions everyday!'

" My pet peeve is when the fans throw hard things onto the stage, like carrots or... tampons." I said instead. I didn't want to cause trouble.

Question after question, they were all ones that had been asked before, until one, which brought many sad and joyful memories back to me.

" This is a serious one...Have you ever lost someone special?" she asked. Everyone nodded but me, I kept quiet. Memories were flooding back to my brain. I was so selfish. I loved her so much, if I hadn't of left her nothing would have happened. 

" Umm.. Well I've lost a grandad." Niall said.

" My granny died a while ago." Zayn added.

" My grandparents died ages ago." Louis said.

" I lost a cousin five years ago." Liam replied.

I couldn't stop thinking about April. Her bright green eyes, her blue hair. She was so, different, And I loved her that way. She was truly beautiful. I just miss her so much.

Niall waved his hand in front of my face, I must have been zoned out for ages.

" What?" I asked, confused.

" Have you ever lost someone special?" Megan asked again. Should I tell them? April meant the world to me, and I just left her for the X-factor.

" Yeah.. I've lost someone who meant everything to me." I said, I could feel my eyes getting wet.

" Would you like to talk about it?" Megan asks. I nod my head slowly, and began my story.

" Her name was April. She was beautiful.. Although nobody noticed, they always focused on her blue hair and tattoos. They treated her differently, just because she wasn't like them. She was so..different to any other girl I had ever seen before, and thats why I loved her.."
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