The Power Of Love

Aimee and Mason used to date. They got split up when Aimee had to move to Newcastle, away from Essex. What happens when they find themselves again?


1. 4th December 2012

Dear Diary,

I went to my first ever day at college today. You wouldn't believe who was there. MASON! MY EX BOYFRIEND!!!! The one I loved so much that I cried when we had to split up? Yep, him. He had grown up sooooo much. He looked fitter ;) jokes. Anyway, he's in half my classes. I got to talk to him a lot which was good so we could catch up and think about old memories.

I got his new mobile number and have been texting him for ages. About 4 hours now. He's just so funny and easy to talk to! My mum came upstairs so I had to hide my phone and start actually doing some studying. She knocked on my door.

"Hey Aimee. How was your first day?" she asked.

"It was great mum! Guess who was there?" I said.

"Aimee, you know I can't guess! Just tell me!"

"Mason. Mason was there!"

"Oh my gosh! Really? How did he get in? I thought it was full."

"Apparently, he was the last one in!"

"That's good! So, you dating him again?"

"Mum, please don't talk about that! Jokes. Jade and Tayla were there too. I thought I had lost them!"

"That's great sweetie. Remember to study for your maths!"

"Sure thing Mum. Bye!"

So, as soon as she left I went straight back to talking to Mason. Heeheehee


Aimee xxx

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