Why Lovers Cry

Why reasond cry smetimes for no teason at all. At other times because they have had their heartbroken or they love someone who does not love them. There are many reasons.


1. Why Lovers Cry

I feel like singing

You make me feel like dancing

Don't cry baby

Feel it like I do

Let it go

Let's grow stronger

Fly away with me

baby please don't go

Don't walk away

When we feel so right

Don't cry baby

No broken heart


Stay with me baby

Don't run and hide

I don't want to hold you

For the last time

Don't cry baby

I don't know why

You cry

We are together

You and I

Just give me one last chance

Don't go and hide

Never run away


Don't hide forever

Never leave me alone

When you walk out the door

I always wonder

Will I ever see you again

Don't cry baby

Come let's kiss

One final goodbye

Please don't go

Stay with me for awhile

I don't want to be sad

Never run and cry


Don't cry baby

Just stay with me

Let me hold you close

For the last time

Why do you cry

I don't understand

Please stay with me

Don't run and hide

Let me love you one last time

I want to hold you

Forever my love

Don't go and hide



Don't cry






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