Hometown Glory

Kittie Rocks was one of those girls who just had instant potentioal but all is not what it seems in her life, thats why she tried out for the X-Factor but little did she know that the one person she hated would be there too. Will she learn to love him?


2. Hey I'm Roxie<3

Hey everyone, the names Roxie so remember it yeah :').

Im 18 and loving life, wild and free babey!! i don't really have to describe myself because Kittie already did. Living with my best friend is amazing, i just wish she'd love other people as much,
you see every other night i go downstairs and see my mate James, he's amazing at singing! Such a delicasy to hear, i recorded a few of his songs and showed them to Kittie, yeah she just thinks he's the most self-sentered b*stard she's ever met.
After James found out what she said given that they don't even know each other properly, there pretty much enemies now, so i set up my own little plan it's quite simple really~

1: Make them both audition on X-Factor
2: Make sure it's on the same day
3: They'll get through
4: Meet in the X-Factor House
5: Connect and be friends at last<3

See bet Kittie never said i was the pranker of us two ;) I really hope it works, i'm just dying for them to be friends, think of the duets :o!!!! Anyway i gotta shoot before Kittie see's, Tarar lovely's<3

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