Hometown Glory

Kittie Rocks was one of those girls who just had instant potentioal but all is not what it seems in her life, thats why she tried out for the X-Factor but little did she know that the one person she hated would be there too. Will she learn to love him?


4. Audition Day :D

Roxie's P.O.V

OMG IM SO EXITED!!!!!! AUDITION DAY TODAY!!!! FINALLY MY PLAN'S COMMING TOGETHER!!!!! It was Kitties birthday yesterday so we went out drinking for the first time since Kittie was 16, yeah im still feeling the buzz, got a problem.no.good.
I've texted and called James so much, he's already on his way there to the O2 arena, Kittie better hurry up before she get a good f*cking punch.

Kittie's P.O.V

"COMMING YOU F*CKING ANNOYING GIMP!" Trudging down the stairs i hear Roxie scream, and say how beautiful i look, she can talk she looks amazing!

http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=65569117 <<< ME :D

http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=65569986 <<< ROXIE :o!

We drove all the way down to London, and i sat there, just waiting, My time was 2.30 and there seemed to be everyone there, all ages, all instruments, i was officially in my comfort zone. Hours of waiting had passed when I got nudged by the producer that it was my time to go on stage. Sheepishly i looked at Roxie for the comfort and she did her half of our handshake, god i love her<3

"Hello Sweetheart, What's your name, How old are you and why have you decided to audition?" Gary Spoke with such a tender tone towords me
"Hiya, my names Kittie Rocks i was 18 yesterday and i thought i'd audition because, i'd love to give my family the best life they can, i'd love to help my bestfriend with anything i can especially after everything she's helped me with"
"Well thats a lovley reason to audition, do your parents know your here?"
"Ermm, not exactly they don't even know i can sing, but i know they'll be watching in there own homes, they love this show its one of the only things they have in common anymore"
"Well what are you going to sing for us today sweetie?" Tulisa asked quickly trying to change the subject as she saw me tearing up.
"I'm going to sing and play the piano if that's okay and i'm going to do the Power of Love but the Gabrille aplin version, here's to you Roxie"


I rose from the ivory keys and saw the fenomena before me, all 4 judges stood and a standing ovation, finally people undersatnd my passion.

"WOW Sweetheart, i didn't think that you'd sing so well, that was absolutly fantastic, well done" Gary was elated with me
"Chrue absolutly brilliant Kittie" Louis was smiling so much
"That was so touching, i don't know how much that ment to you but you sung it with such passion i felt like i was living this untold story, fricken Amazing Kittie and your name has it right, you do ROCK!" Nicole seemed to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
"I'm Speachless, your fantastic" WOW i made Tulisa speachless!!

"You have for big yes's sweetie see you in bootcamp!!"
"Thank you so much" I left the stage with the biggest smile on my face

James's P.O.V

I was straight after this chick who sung 'The Power of Love' She was beautiful! The tone and complexity in her voice, i was starstruck until i saw who it was
"Oh dear look what the cat dragged in.Shouldn't you be in a bar by now?"
"I'm only auditioning, give me a chance, you might remember some things, you were really good by the way" I saw her attitude change for a split second, she was smiling at me as she thanked me and said she'd wait to hear me sing, nows my chance. Please remember me K..please...


Kittie's P.O.V

I'm sure i recognise his voice, since when have i know him, i thought we hated each other, surly not... it cant be him... impossiable...

He walked off stage plastered with smiles
"James, i'm so sorry for everything, sorry for hating you, i forgot, your K loves her best friend so f*cking much!" i cried as i ran into his arms
"K, you do remember me!" He squoze me and we embraced for quite some time, finally i found my best mate again, i fancied him so much in highschool i was only in year 9 when he left (he took lower 6th twice) i lost all contact with him, i missed him so much, most days i'd cry. THANK GOD I FOUND HIM!!
This will be an amazing experience for sure!

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