Hometown Glory

Kittie Rocks was one of those girls who just had instant potentioal but all is not what it seems in her life, thats why she tried out for the X-Factor but little did she know that the one person she hated would be there too. Will she learn to love him?


3. Alrite Merrtt xD

Sup everyone, i'm James Arthur, yano the one who lives below Roxie and Her...

Truth is i don't hate Kittie at all, in fact it's quite the oposite, in Highschool i was with 'K' for everything even break and lunch we were inseperable, Roxie doesn't know considering they only met in collage.

I was elated to be moving near her, but people change, she'd forgotten me, and forgotten my music, she heard it critisised me, said she didn't like me even though she still can't remember me, I'm in love with my highschool bestfriend.... yeah it sucks don't it

I thought i'd let all my emotions out in music, i wrote Superman for her, sadly shes still not watched it ._. if i could only get her on her own for just a few minutes and tell her who i am, how much she means to me, she'd understand! Roxie and me are really close (no not like that either) and she thinks i hate her, i scoul when 'K's' around me but inside i want to run and hug her.

I call... i mean called her K because i thought Kittie was too long to write and say when your in a rush so K seemed relativly nice, quick, easy and still beautiful.
Anyway... I'm gonna go, gotta practice my audition for the X-Factor cya

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