Hometown Glory

Kittie Rocks was one of those girls who just had instant potentioal but all is not what it seems in her life, thats why she tried out for the X-Factor but little did she know that the one person she hated would be there too. Will she learn to love him?


1. Hey I'm Kittie<3

Hey Everyone,
                        Well my names Kittie Rocks (I know pretty awsome name huh?) i'm 17 and 18 in five days, yup 18 :D. My Hairs bleach blonde and wavy, with my full side fringe you can't really miss me, people say my eyes are as blue as the sky but i just think thats a load of bullsh*t. Living in Middlesbrough with my best friend, sorry but we swear quite a lot. My heart and soul is purley dedicated to music, but then again its never been much diffrent, i've always loved it. I Can play the piano (Grade 4), The Guitar (Grade 5), The Drums (Home-Taught) and i sing <3.

Life is hard but Karma's worse~ I love that saying it's got me through a hell of alot, you see...
My Mum and Dad arn't together, they havn't been for such a long time, longer than i can remember.
I am the middle kid so nobody really pays me much attention, with: 3 younger sisters (Nadine who's 6; freya who's 12 and Chrissie who's 15), 3 older brothers (Jake who's 19; Ben who's 20 and Joe who's 24) and an older sister (Sally she's 24 and Joe's twin).
I'm failing in almost every subject in college, i dont even know what im going to do after college, all i want is my big break. Youtube is plastered with me singing and people seem to love it but still no f*cking record labels.

I've done some awful things growing up, i smoke, i used to take any kind of drug to give me the energy for the next day, i partied every night without fail but one night i got pregnant; i was only 16, i didnt want it, that was my turning point there was no more drinking, no more parties, no more drugs.... Only Music.

Theres always someone who you can confide in, no-matter what yeah? Well mine is Roxie, Roxie Lisanne to be precise, shes everything to me, no-matter what we have each other's back, through all those tough times, laughing/crying i know she'll be there to share that moment with me, we were the rebel's of the school, always gobbin' off and well frankly not giving a sh*t about who we say it too. We moved in to this flat thingie, well abit more like a bedsit but its good enough to play our music in. Roxie plays the following: Piano;Drums;Guitar;Flute;Saxaphone and she sings so beautifully. She had really straight dark brown hair with a full fringe, layered and bright green eyes.

She's forcing me to do the X-Factor, i wanted her to do it with me but she doesnt want to, i dont mind i mean it should be fine, i hope i can change my life, i want to change Roxie's and my Families<3

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