Keeping Secrets

Clover Waterdale. At 16 years of age she has many secrets to keep. Secrets from her past, present, friends, family, and from herself. She has a secret and no one can find out. If they do they'll all act differently. No one can know this secret. Not one person. But what happens when someone does find out?


3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two 


         The bell just rang meaning school is officially over. Well not for me that is. Now I have to go to detention. Yay me! If you haven't noticed, I'm not really looking forward to detention. Why? Because Mrs.Brutice is the meanest old lady in the history of old ladies. It's not even funny so don't laugh! I walk down the almost empty hallways of the school with people pointing and whispering  about me. I don't let it get to me. It annoys me and I hate it but I just let it be. People are already pretty scared of me so why add more? 

     I see someone stick there foot out in front of me trying to trip me. I stop right next to it and look at the person with my anger boiling. They're now staring at me with wide eyes and start to scramble down the hall. I chase after this idiot and grab him by the back of his shirt. He let out a shrill high pitched scream, then I slammed him into the lockers. 

    My eyes were full of fury and his were full of fear. Good he better be scared. No one tries to trip me and gets away with it. 

"Why did you try to trip me." I howled in his face. 

"I u-u-h ummmm I-I-I" He stuttered. 

"Quit your stuttering and speak to me in the ENGLISH langue you idiot!" our nose's were touching already. 

"I thought it would be funny." He looked like he was about to pee his pants.


     I dropped him to the floor and started my way to detention. I definately don't need any more detentions. I whipped the door open and stomped to my seat. I plopped into the seat with my arms crossed while blowing hair out of my face. 

"Why so angry?" I heard a familiar voice say. 

    I turned around and saw the person I never wanted to see again in my life sitting 2 seats over and 5 seats back. 

Jacob Reeds


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