Daddy Direction

Niall Horan. Superstar sensation. When fame gets to his head he gets dumped with a big surprise. His ex-girlfriend Jessica dies from cancer and asks for Niall to take care of there little son. His name, Niall James Horan or Little Niall. So what happens when this stuck-up superstar has to take responsibility?


1. I'm A Dad?

Chapter 1- I'm A Dad?


     My name is Niall James Horan. I'm 3 years old and my mummy has cancer. She has 2 days before she dies. That's what the doctors said. I don't want her to die. I love her. She's my mummy. Mummy told me she's going to have daddy take care of me. I never met daddy but mummy always tells me about him. I hope he's nice to me. Mummy is taking me to daddy now. She has a nurse with her though. It's because she's so weak. 

   Mummy told me daddy's at work so she's taking me there. I have my little Lightning McQueen suitcase and book bag with my clothes and toys, it's all packed. I'm sad to be leaving mummy. But she told me not to cry over her because she'll always be here with me even though I wont be able to see her. 

"Niall we're here." Mummy said. 

"Otay mummy." I said.

   The nurse helped mummy out of the car and got my bags. I put my book bag on and grabbed my suitcase handle. With my other hand I grabbed mummy's hand. We waled into the big building with the nurse helping mummy walk. We got to the front desk. 

"I have someone here to see Niall Horan. It a family emergency." The nurse said.

"Oh sorry Mr.Horan is in a meeting right now." The old lady said. She looked scary to me.

"It's a family emergency and it needs attention right now." The nurse said more stern.

"Ok he's in meeting room 19 on floor 40. Just knock on the door and wait until they let you in." She said. 

   Mummy and the nurse said thanks to the old lady and headed for the elevater. We got in and pressed the button. We finally got to the right floor and stepped out. We walked along the halls. We stopped at a door. Then mummy bent down to my level. 

"Now little Niall, take this note and give it to your daddy. You know what he looks like and you know who he is. I love you buddy. I'll always be here with you." 

"I luff ywu to mummy!" I hugged her. 

   I gave her a big kiss on the lips. Mummy smiled at me then got up. She looked at me one last time and started to the elevater again with the nurse. I knocked on the door that was in front of me. I heard someone say come in. I reach up on my tippy toes and turned the door knob. I got the door open a crack and grabbed my bags. I pushed the door open more and ran inside with my bags. I looked up to see a lot of people looking at me. Then I saw daddy. 

"DADDY!" I yelled and jumped on him. I hugged him really tight. 

   I finally let daddy go and gave him the note. While he read it his face looked sad. 


                                                 Niall's P.O.V.


   We heard a little knock on the door and Simon told who ever it was to come in. The door opened a crack and then a little boy with brown hair carrying a Lightning McQueen suit case and book bag came running in. We all looked at him curiously. He looked back at us. But when he saw me he had the biggest smile I've ever seen on a little boy his age. He dropped his bags and ran and hugged me while screaming.


   I looked at him then everyone in the room who was looking at me with wide eyes. I don't have a son. It's impossible. My last girlfriend was Jessica and we broke up a little more then 3 years ago. Holy crap this kid looks 3! He finally stopped hugging me and handed me a note.

       Dear Niall,

                      It's me Jessica. I'm sorry I never told you this but you have a son. I didn't want to ruin your dreams. I was doing perfectly fine but then I was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. Tomorrow I die. I'll always be here with you. His name is Niall James Horan. But I call him Little Niall. He knows all about he you. He looks up to you. He's the minature version of you really. You're going to have a great time with him I promise you that. Just please take good care of him. I love that little boy to death and I will always love you. 

       Love, Jessica                  


         I looked up and met the eyes of my son. I felt a tear roll down my cheek before I spoke.

"He's my son."

    I embraissed him in a hug and heard him say 'I luff you daddy' That made me cry more


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