Payton is a small town girl from Louisiana. She's done everything she supposed to. Make straight A's, vice president of the student council, in beta club, on the cheer squad, basketball, softball, and volleyball team. But what will happen when Payton runs into Niall Horan and meets the rest of his bandmates. Worst of all, who will hold Payton's heart? Payton's best friend Lauren has a thing for Harry, but what will happen when Lauren's ex boyfriend, Kaleb, gets into the mix? It's all just too... Irresistible.


2. Weekend of Wonders

Payton's POV

            I was the first one up. I was only wearing panties and a sweatshirt so I hopped into my Nike shorts and tennis shoes. I took out my phone and put my earphones in with Pandora blaring Olly Mur's radio. I crept out the door silently and finally went for my morning run to stay in shape. My music was so loud it helped me block out the rest of the world completely. I was halfway around the track when someone snatched me from behind. They tried pulling me into their truck. At that moment all I thought was this is how I'm going to die. Alone.


Niall's POV

            I thought I was the only one up and so I decided to take a walk outside. As I looked around I noticed a track behind Payton's house. Then, I spotted her. She was running. It is so attractive that she was so fit and athletic. As she was running you could tell she couldn't hear anything because a truck pulled up behind her and she didn't even notice. A man then got out and snatched her. I did the only thing I could think of and dial 911 and run as fast as possible. As I ran I noticed she was putting up a good fight, but she still couldn't overpower the man. She got in quite a few punches, but fell to the ground. The man saw me coming got in his truck, and drove off. Payton wouldn't move. I finally reached her and realized why. There was a puddle of blood that had dripped from her stabbed leg. The knife was still in her leg so I removed it, took off my shirt, and pressed it to her leg to stop some of the bleeding. I checked her pulse and felt nothing. I did the only thing I could think of, give her mouth to mouth. I know I was trying to save her life, but the sparks that flew when our lips touched was irresistible.


Payton's POV

            I woke up to find myself in a hospital bed. My head was pounding. I looked over to find Niall sleeping in the hospital chair, shirtless. He was so gorgeous when he slept I felt as if I shouldn't wake him, so I tried getting up by myself and ended up falling down.

            "Shit," I mumbled.

            All of a sudden Niall woke and saw me on the ground struggling to get up and helped me.

            "What happened?" I asked.

            "Yesterday, a man tried to take you while you were running and ended up stabbing you."

            "Who saved me?"

            "I did"

            I began to blush. I knew I had feelings for Niall that were indescribable. All of a sudden the door crept open and I saw a blue eye poke through. It was Louis carrying get well balloons and flowers.

            "Oh, you're awake! Thank goodness! You had me scared there for a while. Now, what's a mean old man got to do trying to hurt you?"

            "I honestly have no idea. It was just some random guy."

            Niall then cut in, "He's lucky I don't know who he is!"

            I joked, "Yeah, cause a 5 foot 7 leprechaun could take on that big bad man!"

            "Shut up Payton! You're only 5 foot 2 so you have no room to talk!"

            Louis butted in, "Well, I guess it's time to go home. The doctor said once you were awake it'd be okay.


Niall's POV

            Louis, Payton, and I climbed in the car. Payton started looking through all my CD's and put one on.

            "Good choice," I said as she put in Ed Sheeran. She skipped all the way to number 5, "Wake Me Up".

            "This is my favorite song of his," she said.

            She started to sing. Louis was in the back with a grin from ear to ear staring at her. I knew Louis was developing feelings for her, but I couldn't help but develop some myself. As she was singing I noticed something peculiar.

            "You have braces?"

            "Yes, I hate them, but I’m getting them off next week. Don't you have braces?"

            I sighed, "Yes, they get in the way of everything I eat!"

            "I know that feeling. I mean big mama has to eat!"

            Louis cut in, "Who the hell is big mama?"

            She replied, "Well obviously me. You guys just haven't been around long enough to see me eat!

            We each chuckled and Payton began to sing again.


Lauren's POV

            Well, me and Harry have been together for the past two days at his hotel room while Payton's in the hospital. Every time we visited she was never awake. I'm so happy she's still alive because honestly without her, I wouldn't know what to do... Especially with the situation I'm in. I haven't told Harry yet, but I still have a boyfriend... Kaleb. We've been on and off since 8th grade and were now seniors. I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him...when he's nice. The only person that knows my secret is Payton. I can tell her anything and know she won't judge me. It's just lately, Kaleb has been abusing me. Harry cut into the middle of my thoughts.

            "Why do you have so many bruises?"

            "Oh, I'm just really clumsy." I said as I thought to myself how bad of a liar I was. Anyone could see straight through me.

            "Lauren, these don't come from just accidents. Has anyone been hurting you?"


            "I know I never asked you this, but do you have a boyfriend?"

            I began to get really nervous as to where Harry was taking this conversation.

            "Umm yeah. We've been on and off for as long as I can remember, but lately things have been off."

            "Why is that?"


            "Well, whenever you're ready to talk, I'm here."

            I blushed. I knew Harry would freak if he ever found out so I kept my secret. I told Kaleb things were over between us for good, but he's very upset and told me to... watch my back.


Payton's POV

            Thank god my cut wasn't deep enough to keep me from cheer practice. Today Niall and Louis took Lauren and Harry to go shopping. Liam and Zayn had to stay at my house though because they wanted to watch my cheer practice... no idea why. I said by to Niall and Louis, but Niall gave me a kiss on the cheek so it was a bit awkward for me and Louis. I knew I couldn't keep leading each boy on, but I didn't even know where I stood with them. I came out of my room dressed in my tank top, shorts, cheer shoes, and practice poms.

            "Well someone's looking cute!" Zayn said.

            "Oh yeah! We just love cheerleaders!" Liam winked.

             We all hopped in the car and headed to the gym. Once we arrived we all got down. Zayn and Liam went in the stands and I went stretch with my squad.


Zayn's POV

            I'd rather be here looking at these fine ladies than shopping... good choice Zayn.... as always!


Niall's POV

            I wish I would've stayed home with Payton. I just love being around her. There's never a time when she isn't being hilarious. She's so cute and always happy making the room just light up.


Louis's POV

            I can tell Niall isn't paying attention to anything anyone says because he's probably thinking of Payton. I really like her, but so does Niall. She's always on my mind. She's so sassy it's hilarious. The way she picks on people makes it impossible not to laugh.


Niall's POV

            When we came home Payton's house was empty because she was still at cheer.


Payton's POV

            I'm so exhausted and my leg is killing me. I just want to go home. Zayn, Liam, and I finally get in the car and head home.


Niall's POV

            I finally heard the car pull up. Payton was the last one to walk through the door and she looked exhausted. I walked over to her.

            "Are you okay?"

            "Yeah. I'm just really tired. You can come with me to talk if you want in my room."

            We headed to her room and she laid in her bed. She patted her hand on the spot next to her. I laid next to her.

            "So how was cheer?"

            "Same old. Same old. Just lots of work."

            "Is your leg feeling okay?"

            "Not at all."

            She finally fell asleep as I just watched and also did. We woke up around 7 and went eat the pizza the rest of the gang ordered. Payton ate 5 slices.... could she be any more perfect? I loved a girl who wasn't afraid to eat as much as she desired.

            Louis finally spoke, "Payton, do you realize how much of an accent you have?"

            "Well, what do I sound like?"

            "Like this," I mocked, "Hey y'all! I just ate five pieces of pizza and I'm still hungry!" I said in the best Louisiana accent I could.

            She stood up, "Oh, I'm the one with the accent?" she began to mock me, "Oh I'm Niall. I'm from Ireland and I love potatoes and nandos!" she said in her best Irish accent. I then ran over to her, tackled her, and attempted to tickle her, but she didn't laugh one bit. We all just sat there a bit confused.

            "I'm not ticklish."


            "Yup, but I bet you are!"

            She then tackled me off guard and tickled me! I couldn't breathe and finally she stopped, got up, and just walked into her room. I followed. We were alone now.

            "Are you sure you're not ticklish?"


            I then got a text from Lauren. It said, "She's ticklish on her thighs. Mwahaha. Just don't tickle her hurt leg." I smiled and just looked at her.

            "What?" she said.

            I then leaned in acting as if I were going to kiss her, teased her, and pinned her down on her bed and tickled her legs. She laughed so hard and tried to get away but couldn't. I finally stopped and she looked into my eyes. I leaned a bit closer. Then she leaned... and then.. Louis walked in.

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