Payton is a small town girl from Louisiana. She's done everything she supposed to. Make straight A's, vice president of the student council, in beta club, on the cheer squad, basketball, softball, and volleyball team. But what will happen when Payton runs into Niall Horan and meets the rest of his bandmates. Worst of all, who will hold Payton's heart? Payton's best friend Lauren has a thing for Harry, but what will happen when Lauren's ex boyfriend, Kaleb, gets into the mix? It's all just too... Irresistible.


14. Pep Rally



            As usual, my alarm sounded and I dragged myself out of bed. I had showered last so I could just get up today and straighten my hair since I had to wear my cheer leading uniform to school. Tonight we had another Friday night football game. I got up, plugged in my straightener, and let it heat up. I washed my face and then put on some base, mascara, and lip gloss. I have my dad's eyes. Thick, long blond eyelashes and ocean blue eyes. Once I was done with make up I straightened my hair and styled it. I put it half up half down with a french braid on one side. I slid my bow in the back of my hair, put my cheer socks and shoes on, and headed into the kitchen. I grabbed my usual cereal and ate a bowl. I brushed my teeth and Lauren texted me that she was waiting outside for me. I hurried outside.

            Lauren looked at me, "Why are you in your cheer uniform?"

            "Football game and pep rally today."

            "Ugh, I hate pep rallies. They're so boring once you've watched them since junior high,"

            "Try being in them every year! I can only try so hard to try and make people like you peppy!"

            She looked at me trying to be serious, but we ended up laughing. No matter how hard we tried to insult each other it never worked because we both knew that we never really meant it. We finally got to school early today so we had time to go sit in the bleachers. Just as I was about to turn off my cell phone I got a text from Louis.

            "Hey. Remember my friend Jenna I was telling you about? Well, she's coming down today so I can't make it to the pep rally. I'm really sorry. I'll make sure I get one person at least to go for you and show my support. Sorry babe." Louis text read.

            It didn't really bother me that he couldn't come. I just felt bad for the person who had to. "It's okay! You weren't going to miss out on anything. Hope you have a good day with Jenna. Can't wait to meet her!"

            And with that I turned my phone off.



            The pep rally was fixing to start and all the students were coming in while some stupid country song played. Parents and stuff could come to the pep rallies so they were also piling in. I was shaking my pom poms around, having a chat with Sydney and Mary, when I saw a two hooded boys come in. I knew exactly who they were. Harry and Niall. As for all the other students, they really didn't pay any mind. I was surprised because I knew a couple of girls who were a bit obsessed with them went to my school. They asked me lots of questions about the boys and all I could really say is that they're pretty normal. Harry was looking around for Lauren and waved to her and Niall was looking around the gym and spotted me. He smiled and waved as did I. Finally the terrible music went off and we had to go hold up the run through sign for our football team. I was one of the flyers on the cheer squad so I had to get on someones shoulder to hold up the sign. I got on Sydney's shoulders and held up one end. Finally the fog machine came on and the boys ran through and did some stupid huddle thing in the middle. Now it was time for the mascot dance. Once that was over it was time for the cheerleaders performance. The song we were dancing to was a mash up. First it was Boyfriend, then, ironically, What Makes You Beautiful, then Glad You Came, then Domino. When were dancing to WMYB I looked in the crowd at Harry and Niall. They chuckled a bit. Once our dance was over the football team did a skit, then the mascot, then the band played a couple of songs, and now it was time for a game. They picked one person from each club and of course I was picked from the cheer squad. For the game we had to take a bat, put our foreheads on them, and spin around 10 times, then balance a volleyball on a spatula  then hoola hoop three times and run back. Knowing me I was probably not going to win because I'm a bit spastic. Finally the teacher yelled go and we all took off. I did everything pretty fast and when I got to the hoola hoop I knew I was going to win. Once I was done I threw it on the ground. I was on the edge furthest away from the audience and the football team was lined up on the wall I was running by. i took off as fast as I could then bam. I faceplanted straight into the ground. Not on my own though. I didn't even have to look up to know who tripped me. It was Ty Duthu. All the bad memories glided through my head. I've hated the kid my entire life. Never been friends. I remember the day I had never been more furious in my entire life. Well besides when I found out Kaleb abused Lauren. Anyways, it was in Junior High, my eighth grade year.



One night at my house Lauren, Kaleb, Sydney, Mary, and I were bored so my dad took us and we went to go pick up DJ for the fun of it. When we got there Ty was with him. I mean I had already invited DJ so I didn't want to be rude and tell him he couldn't come because of Ty. We all pilled into my dad's car and headed back to my place. Once we were there I sat in the chair by myself and put on a movie. DJ, Mary, Lauren, and Kaleb all sat on the couch and Sydney sat by herself in a chair and so did I. All of a sudden I feel a body next to me and I smile thinking Sydney came jumping in the chair to lay with me, but frowned at the sight of Ty.

            "Why the frown?" he tried to ask innocently.

            "Sorry if I don't like douche bags like you trying to sit with me."

            "Woah! Hold your horses. What'd I ever do to you."

            "Yeah you're right. You've never done anything. Never called me fat and ugly or a bitch... Shall I go on?"

            "Whatever he said."

            I sat there for a while and finally he whispered to me, "Can I touch your boobs?"


            "What if I stuck my hand down your pants?"

            I gave him a cold stare and bit my tongue of what I really wanted to say, "Well, since you're the guest you can have this seat to yourself." I walked and laid in the chair with Sydney.  That entire night I didn't say another word to him. The next day at school everyone was asking me if I really did what Ty said and I had no idea what anyone was talking about. I went up to my friend Kyle.

            "Hey what are people thinking I did with Ty?"

            "You made out with him and he touched your boobs and fingered you didn't you?"

            "Ty is the last person I'd do that with."

            "Well, that's not what everyone believes."

            "You've got to be kidding me right now. Seriously."

            I couldn't control the burning fire I had inside me for Ty. I went straight up to him at the first chance I got. He was surrounded by his dick friends. I pushed everyone out the way.

            "What are you trying to spread?"

            "What really happened last night baby. Don't lie." he said.

            A group had crowded us by this point, "If you want to make up a bull shit story like this, make it up with a girl who might actually be your friend because everyone knows we've never liked each other."

            "Come on Payton, you even said it yourself last night you hate me so much you can't help but love me."

            I was so infuriated tears brewed in my eyes. I tried to fight them off but I couldn't. I knew people would never believe me unless I gave them a better story, "Yeah that's right everybody. I did those things with him! But instead of Ty fingering me, I tried to give him a hand job," People gasped with shock, "And when I went to grab his dick, well it turns out... he didn't have one." Everyone burst into laughter and Ty ran out of the room. I walked with my blood still boiling and went back to class that day. I went home and told my mom everything. I cried to her and she calmed me down. I was and still am so infuriated I have dreams where I beat the living crap out of that boy.



            Our entire school gasped. I rolled my eyes, took a deep breath, and picked myself up off the ground. I turned to Ty who was trying to hold in his laughter. The entire gym went silent. The teachers didn't even move either. The tension between Ty and I was more than you could imagine. Saying I was infuriated is an understatement. I glared up at him since of course, as usual, I was a lot shorter.

            He spoke,"You know Payton, you should really watch where you step."

            I started to walk off, "Keep talking. Maybe one day you'll actually say something smart."

            "Bitch," he mumbled.

            I turned back around and scoffed,"Yeah, well it takes one to know one." before I turned back around. I saw Niall coming down the stairs.

            The teacher interrupted "And with that the pep rally is over." The bell then sounded. Niall approached me.

            "What's going on?" he asked.

            Ty stepped up, "Yeah Payton. What is going on?"

            "You know Ty, I'd like to see things from your point of view, but it seems I can't my head that far up my ass."

            When I said that one I heard a couple of ooohhhss. I knew a crowd was gathering.

            "Yeah well you didn't mind my finger being that far up you're vagina in eighth grade did you?"

            "You're just mad your mom has a bigger penis than you."

            Niall interrupted before Ty could say anything more. He gave me a look saying we should leave. As we started walking out he whispered, "You're better than to argue with people like him."

            I just smiled and looked at him. I was almost out the door when I heard Ty say one last thing behind me.

            "Even your dead brother couldn't stand you any longer. He probably begged your parents to make you stop visiting!"

            I stopped dead in my tracks. I heard him snickering behind me. Niall nudged me to keep on walking but I stayed not moving. I took out my earrings and smiled to Niall as I placed them in his hands. I turned around and took off faster than I'd ever run before. Ty wasn't paying attention, just looking to the sides to see if anyone would laugh but even the crowd of people knew he took it overboard. I tackled him to ground and he laidd on his back while I had a leg on each side of him. I clenched my fists and punched him left and right. I just kept hitting and hitting him. Blood started gushing from his nose and lips. Finally I felt arms wrap around my waist and pull my off of him.

            "I HATE YOU TY," I said squirming in whoevers arms I was in, "IF YOU EVER SAY ANYTHING ABOUT MY BROTHER AGAIN I'LL SLIT YOUR THROAT OPEN." I was moving around lots to try and squirm out of the arms locked around me. Ty had fear written all over his face. He hurried and ran off, blood still gushing everywhere. We got into the front hall of the school and I finally saw who was carrying me, Niall. He just stared at me speechless. Finally a bunch of girls were crowded around us and I noticed Niall's hood was off and his sunglasses were missing.

            "Can we get pictures and your autograph?" they asked.

            He looked at me apologetically, "I'll go wait in the car." I said. I knew he needed to attend to his fans and it wasn't a problem.

            I sat in his car. It was silent. Everything that just happened sunk in. I finally burst into tears. They flowed out of my eyes and wouldn't stop. I saw Niall through the mirror and hurried and wiped my smeared mascara. He opened the door and sat in the car for a second looking straight ahead, then looked at me.

            "Are you okay?" he asked.

            I just looked at him and bursted back into tears. He put his arm around me and I just cried into his chest. I ran his fingers through my hair as I did. I finally looked up after a couple of minutes.

            "Can you please take me home?"

            "That's fine."

            The car ride home was silent. We finally got to my house and I told Niall he could come in. We walked into my house to find my mom in the kitchen. She turned to us when we walked in.

            "Well hello. Looks like I haven't met you yet." she gestured a handshake walking towards us to Niall.

            "Hi, I'm Niall." he replied.

            My mom looked towards me, "Are you alright? Here let's take a seat on the couch."

            Niall and I sat on the couch together while my mom sat in the chair next to it.

            I explained everything that happened to her. She just nodded the whole time trying to take everything in.

            There was a bit of a silence and I realized Niall's hand was comfortably snaked around my back while we sat down. My thoughts were interrupted when my mom spoke, "Well, did you at least kick his ass pretty badly?"

            Niall and I both laughed and he spoke, "I don't think you'll have to worry about that!"

            I felt my phone buzz and checked it. I had a message from Louis.

            "On my way to pick up Jenna from the airport. I've gotten to go. See you tomorrow."

            I read the message and didn't feel like replying.

            "Well, I'm starving. You wanna go get some food?" I questioned looking at Niall.

            He smiled,"Sure."

            My mom was already in the kitchen and I looked towards her with a questioning look to ask if I could go. She just simply winked and waved her hand back and forth to go. I rolled my eyes and walked out. She was probably over excited that I was actually with a boy.

            I got into the car and Niall fluttered his eyes to mine, "Where do you wanna go?" he asked.

            "Well, there's no place even remotely good here. To even get a good meal we'd probably have to drive about 45 minutes. I'll go for a road trip if you will!"

            And with that he drove off down my road out onto the highway. I saw he had a plug so I pulled out my phone and put it in shuffling Michael Buble.

            Niall shockingly gazed at me, "I overheard you talking about him one time." I simply said.

            He blushed looking back to the road. "Aww did I make you blush?" I joked.

            "Shut up. I can't help it. He's my man crush."

            "Like that isn't obvious." I replied sarcastically while putting my hand down. When it finally reached something to settle on it shocked me to find it on Niall's hand.

            "Oh sorry, I didn't mea-"

            "Payton, It's okay. it isn't like we've never touched each other before. Wanna text Lauren and Harry to see if they'd like to join us?"


            I just put my hands in my lap and enjoyed the ride up there. It was about 3 o'clock when we arrived and I had to be back for the football game at 7. Lauren and Harry were a little late so Niall and I just got a booth ourselves at Buffalo Wild Wings. I sat across from Niall so I could sit by Lauren. Lauren and Harry finally walked in after about 5 minutes Niall and I had spent having small talk. They greeted us hello and we all looked straight to our menus. In the middle of each of us scimming them we were interrupted by a couple of girls about 14 years old.

            "We're sorry to interrupt, but can we get pictures with you guys?" one said.

            "Sure," Niall and Harry both replied.

            Lauren and I both shared a glance at each other to back away to not be in the picture, but then all the girls looked towards us.

            "What?" I finally asked.

            Another girl spoke up, "We want you guys in the picture too!"

            Lauren laughed, of course, then asked, "And why is that?"

            "Because you're the boys' girlfriends."

            We both hopped in on opposite sides and smiled for the photo. What a nice group of girls they were.  We sat back down and our waitress came and took our orders. While waiting for the food we talked a bit but they also had loads of TV's in the resturaunt. My eyes were glued to a basketball game until it went to commercial. I heard the click of a soda on the TV and saw Harry standing there with Drew Brees. I laughed watching the commercial. At the end Niall said if he gave them the pepsi he could be in the band. I heard Drew awfully singing and the cute commercial finally ended. I looked at everyone else at the table and they had been watching also.

            "So that is why you guys are here in Louisiana?" I asked.

            "Yup. We had filmed it quite fast then we had time for vacation so we just decided to stay here because it was such a small place and a short amount of time of two weeks." Harry said.

            "Drew Brees is a hottie!" I said.

            "And even hotter in person!" Lauren added.

            "You guys have met him?" Niall asked.

            "Well yeah. It's not like we don't go watch Saints football games." I said.

            "Yeah we really don't know anything about American football." Harry said.

            "Neither do we! We just tag along with our parents so we can see all the hot football players." I replied.

            Our food finally arrived and it was about 3:30. We finished eating at about 4 and headed off to the mall because we had an hour to spare. Lauren and Harry strolled off some wheres by themselves hand in hand while Niall and I were left to ourselves.


Niall's POV

            I didn't want to be swarmed by fans so while Payton and I were walking I saw a wig store. I grabbed her and yanked her in.

            "What was that for?" she laughed.

            "Come on! I don't want to be recognized!"
            "So you're going to wear a wig?"

            "No, we're going to wear wigs." I smiled.

            She rolled her eyes, "Only if we get to pick each others out!"

            "Sounds like a plan." I winked putting out my hand for a handshake to make a deal. She did the same gesture as me and we both split up.

            I searched and searched and could not find one wig at all that would be for Payton. Finally I spotted it. It was a shoulder length curly wig with tomato red hair and bowl haircut bangs that would stretch across her forehead. I grabbed two bald caps for us to stuff the rest of our hair in to put our wigs over. Payton reached in front of me and we both held the wigs we picked out for each other behind out backs.

            "On a count of three?" I said.

            Payton nodded in agreement.

            "One," she said.

            "Two," I replied.

            "Three!" we said in unison.

            Payton's look was priceless. Her mouth formed perfectly in the shape of an O as she said the wig I picked. Then, I saw my wig and formed the same expression. She had picked out a straight black haired wig that would reach to about my mid back and was parted down the middle.

            "Shall we check out?" she winked.

            "I'll go pay." I sighed.

            I payed for our wigs then we went to the mirror.

            Payton looked towards me, bald cap in her hand, "Can you help?"

            "Sure." I replied.

            I didn't really know what to do. I was in such awe of Payton's long straight blonde hair. I ran my fingers through the silky strands pulling it all up and into the cap. We put her wig over it. When she turned around I couldn't help but laugh.

            "You're laughing now, but wait till I put your wig on!"

            I stopped laughing remember how terrible mine was. It looked like a hippie's hair from the 60's that protested against the war or something.

            "Get on your knees." Payton said.


            "I can't reach your hair to put the cap on."

            I got onto my knees and Payton's delicate hands ran through my hair and sealed the cap onto it. She placed the wig on top and I turned to face her. She burst into laughter as did I. We looked like complete idiots. I took out my sunglasses and placed them over my eyes as I did with my extra pair over Payton's.

           "Let's go!" she said grabbing my hand.

           "Calm down ginger!" 

           She turned around now facing me, "You know the things I could do to you with no soul right?"

           "I mean lead to wherever you'd like to take me my luscious red head."

            "That's what I thought," she said smiled grabbing my and dragging me out of the wig shop. 







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