Payton is a small town girl from Louisiana. She's done everything she supposed to. Make straight A's, vice president of the student council, in beta club, on the cheer squad, basketball, softball, and volleyball team. But what will happen when Payton runs into Niall Horan and meets the rest of his bandmates. Worst of all, who will hold Payton's heart? Payton's best friend Lauren has a thing for Harry, but what will happen when Lauren's ex boyfriend, Kaleb, gets into the mix? It's all just too... Irresistible.


1. Friday Night Football Games

Payton's POV

            "Hurry up Payton!"

            "I'm trying!" I screamed back to Mary Jordan, the captain of our cheer squad. It was after my cheer squad's half time performance at our Friday night football game and I was trying to buy a drink while we had a break. Living in Louisiana meant scorching heat during football season and I was dying of thirst. The line for drinks was so long and when I finally got mine I had to rush back. As I darted back to the field, I ran into a blonde headed boy carrying nachos. We collided into each other and fell to the ground. He had a couple of chips on him, but of course my cheer uniform got covered in chili and cheese.

            He spoke in an Irish accent, "Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry."
            Mary then came running up, "Payton, what happened?"

            "The hell does it look like? I was in a rush to come back and this tool ran into me!" I replied.

            "I'll cover for you. Just go home and clean up." Mary said.

            The blonde headed boy stood up, helped me up, and then spoke in an Irish accent, "Hi, I'm Niall."

            "And I have to go." I took out my phone, "Great my parents just left for their vacation and I road here with a friend. Now I have to walk home."

            "Let me drive you... It's the least I can do." Niall said.

            "Whatever," I replied.

            He then went tell four other boys that he was driving me home. For some reason this boy seemed so familiar. We both walked together not saying a word. Once we finally got in the car, he broke the silence.

            "Where do you live?" I looked at him to speak, but no words came out. When he spoke he looked me right in the eyes. Our blue eyes both gazed into each other’s, but there was something different about his. They weren't just blue. They were raindrops, but not bad raindrops. Like the type of rain where the sun still shines.

            "Just around the corner."

            We finally arrived in my driveway, "Thanks for the ride."

            "So you're not going to invite me in?" he laughed.

            "I don't know... I guess it's safe since we don't have nachos at my house," I winked.

            When we went in I told him I was going to my room to get changed. I guess Niall just took a spot on my couch so I just walked right into my room and started to get undressed. As I finally took off my skirt I was completely just in my bra and panties when I heard my door creak open.

            "Oh my gosh! I'm not looking! I thought this was the bathroom!" I was in such a shock I had no reply. He slammed the door shut and I hurried and put my clothes on.


Niall's POV

            Where has this girl been all my life? I knew she was pretty when I ran into her and I tried not to stare in the car, but walking in on her getting dressed proves she is utterly beautiful. She had crystal blue eyes, long luscious blonde hair, an hourglass figure, and a gigantic butt. Probably even bigger than Louis. Knowing that she was a cheerleader meant she stayed fit, and you could so tell.


Payton's POV

            I walked out my room to find Niall in my living room, "Well, that was awkward."

            "Definitely," he laughed, "I never got your name."

            "Payton," I replied.

            All I could think when I talked to Niall was how sweet he was. I had only just met him, but the way he apologized and came all the way to my house just because he spilt nachos on me, says a lot about him as a person.

            "So who were those four boys you told you were coming to my house?"

            "Those are me band mates."

            "Wait... oh my god... your Niall Horan?"

            "Yes, you're a fan?"

            "I've heard your band’s music before, but my best friend is a huge fan. She is going to freak! Can you excuse me for a second?" I yanked out my phone, typed the name "sugar lips", and ran into my room.

            "Lauren, you will never guess who's at my house!"


            "Niall Horan"

            "No flacking way!" Lauren burst into tears and I couldn't help but smile knowing how ecstatic she was.

            "Can I come over?"

            "Wait let me see if I can get the rest of the boys over for you." I went back to Niall, "Do you think you can get the rest of the band here for my best friend? It would mean the world to her."


            I texted Lauren and told her to hurry over. Next thing I knew I had five boys staying the night in my house along with Lauren. Lauren didn't want to sleep with me tonight because her and Harry kind of hit it off and decided to sleep together. This meant I had to sleep with one of the left over boys. Liam and Zayn decided to sleep together so Louis, Niall, and I were left over.


Louis's POV

            I think I fell for Payton the first time I saw her bum. She just seemed like the girl of my dreams. She was so sassy when Niall ran into her and I loved it. I secretly wished it was me who ran into her though. I knew it was my chance to say something.

            "I'll sleep with Payton tonight,"

            "Yeah, but we can't leave Niall out," Payton replied.

            I could tell there was something between those two and I burned with jealousy.

            "I'll just sleep on the couch I guess," Niall said.

            I could tell Payton was sad about this, but kind of excited to get to know me.


Payton's POV

            I secretly hoped that Niall would tell Louis to sleep on the couch, but at the same time I wanted to sleep with Louis. There was something different about him that made me want to get to know him. As we laid there he started to ask me questions just staring at each other.

            "So, this is your senior year?"

            "Yeah... I'm scared though."

            "Of what?"

            "The real world. The fact that everything I've done in high school is leading up to what I'll become. The fact that I had the world at my feet for four years and now I'll just be another girl out in the world. The fact that I have no idea what I want to become. The fact that I hate Louisiana and want to see the world. The fact that I'm always lonely. The fact that all people do with their lives is go to college, then work, then marriage, then have children, and then just raise them to do the same thing that we did."

            "I'm sure you'll end up doing something amazing. So what's your senior year consisting of?"

            "Volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, Beta, and being Vice President of the Student Council."

            "Sounds like you're pretty busy."

            "I barely sleep at night. I've made straight A's my entire life so keeping up with all of my extra activities and homework is stressful."

            "Why do you do so much then?"

            "Looks good on college applications. Some people in this world can't have Mommy and Daddy pay for everything."

            "You can barely keep your eyes open, Payton, get some sleep. Goodnight."

            "Goodnight Louis," I said as he kissed my cheek.


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