Payton is a small town girl from Louisiana. She's done everything she supposed to. Make straight A's, vice president of the student council, in beta club, on the cheer squad, basketball, softball, and volleyball team. But what will happen when Payton runs into Niall Horan and meets the rest of his bandmates. Worst of all, who will hold Payton's heart? Payton's best friend Lauren has a thing for Harry, but what will happen when Lauren's ex boyfriend, Kaleb, gets into the mix? It's all just too... Irresistible.


15. Free Cookies

"That's what I thought," she said smiling while grabbing my hand again and dragging me out of the wig shop, "Come on! I'm starving! Let's go get some cookie cake!"

            "Payton, we just ate..." I looked at her with a serious face. She looked at me completely shocked. Her mouth literally dropped. The corner of my right lip began smirk upward which finally gave Payton a sigh of relief.

            "I caught you red handed!"

            "More like I got you red headed!" I replied.

            "Could your jokes be anymore lame?" she spoke as we headed to the cookie cart.

            I laughed and ordered both of our cookies. I looked up and saw a massive pile of girls crowding an area. I finally spotted the dark curls and knew Harry was not escaping. I glanced at Payton gnawing on her cookie already, "Could Harry be any less obvious?"

            "Well, we should probably go anyways. The football game is in an hour."

            "Alright let's try to help. We need a distraction."


            I looked at the girl serving cookies. "Here's a check for 500 dollars. Give the rest of the cookies out for free."

            "This is way too much though, sir." she replied.

            "Keep the rest as a tip," I smiled.

            "Thanks." she grinned, "FREE COOKIES EVERYONE! EVERYTHING HERE IS FREE!"

            The crowd all silenced and looked towards the girl. I pointed to Harry. He and Lauren took off running. Once all the fans looked back they were confused at their dissapearance. Payton and I kept our heads down low and sort of speed walked to meet up with Harry and Lauren outside near our cars croutching down.

            "What in bloody hell are you guys wearing?" Harry pointed out.

            "What you should've worn to not get swarmed!" I laughed.

            Payton but in, "Guys I'm gonna be late for cheer. We have to leave now, and for heavens sake Harry, please wear some sort of disguise to the game. You too Lauren!"

            "I don't think we're going to go to the game Payton." Lauren said.

            Payton looked down, "Alright,"

            I butted in to dismiss any awkwardness, "Well, we'd better start heading out Payton,"

            She nodded and we headed to my car. Once we got in she put on some John Mayer. We pulled out of the parking lot and I broke the silence,"You upset Lauren isn't coming to your game?"

            "How'd you know?"

            "You can tell a lot by someone's body language,"

            She started singing Jesse Mcartney,"It's a body, body, body language, it's a bo-"

            I laughed, "No! Seriously. You're upset huh?"

            "Well, yeah. Ever since middle school she's come to all my football games to watch me and after we'd go get ice cream. Kind of like or tradition."

            "If it makes you feel better I'll take you for ice cream after the game."

            Her frown finally broke into a small smirk, one eyebrow arched up, "I have to admit, ice cream does make me feel better."

            "We can get Louis and Jenna to come too!"

            "Yeah, they'll probably be back by that time. Thank god it's Friday and I don't have homework."

            "I forget what it's like to have schoolwork. Sometimes I wish I could go to school for just one more day as an average teen."

            "You're not average though Niall. No one wants to be average."

            "Yeah I guess you're right. So are you nervous about meeting Louis' best friend?"


            I nodded.

            She spoke back up again, "I mean a little. She's probably known him for a really long time and I've only known him like a week and we're already 'dating' you know? I feel like I've rushed into things and I don't know how to back out of them."

            "Payton, don't beat around the bush. Just spit it out."

            "I think I should just break up with him. Honestly, you guys are here for another week and after that everything will be too hard to keep up with. Y'all have tour and I have school. We'll all keep in touch on the phone or through Skype, but Louis deserves you know someone who can keep up. I've got graduation coming soon and trying to get scholarships and I-"

            I interrupted her rambling, "I understand. It is going to be hard for a relationship so if you're not sure about it now you definitely won't be able to keep up in the long run."

            "It'd be different if I'd have known him for a couple years or maybe even months before to you know get to know him a lot better. I think it'd just be nice to be friends with all of you guys before I even thought about dating anyone of you."

            Well I've just been friend zoned. Again. I looked at her," You know we should probably stop the rumors about us being a couple. You're just a friend of the bands."

            "Yeah. That'd be nice. I wouldn't have so many girls asking me how good of a kisser you were."

            "But you do know..."

            That smirk she always gave flashed in the corner of my eye and I looked from the road towards her again, "I don't kiss and tell," she winked.

            And with that the rest of the car ride was filled with Payton and I's voices singing along to the radio. We finally pulled up to the football stadium and I got out taking off my wig and bald cap and just slipping my hood over. I placed my sunglasses back on. I walked over to Payton on the other side of the car. I stood next to the passenger door as she bent down in the back seat to get her pom poms and mega phone. At least i think that's what they're called. There was a group of guys passing by at the same time. When she bent over her skirt came up so you could see her bloomers and her toned and tanned le- stop. just stop being a pervert. don't look. As I was trying to keep my eyes from wandering towards Payton's butt I saw the group of guys point out what I saw. They stopped and all were staring. I simply glared and side stepped infront of her.

            "Come on man really?" one guy spoke.

            "Shower of cunts," I spat.

            The group had now walked away.

            "What just happened?"

            "You should really watch who's behind you before you bend down in that skirt you know." I replied.

            "Those sick camouflaged wearing douche bags."

            I laughed and looked at the man approaching. He was about my height with grey hair, blue eyes just like Payton, a big gut, and some pink crocs. Payton turned around and a smile grew on her face.

            "Dad!" she said hugging him, "I didn't think you'd make it to the game."

            "I even went home and switched out of my work boots!"

            "Again with the pink crocs, really?" she said nudging him in the side. She finally turned back around, "Oh Dad. This is Niall!"

            "Aren't you in that band? You know the umm," he began to sing,"That's what makes you beautiful oh oh!"

            I laughed, "Yes, sir," i replied shaking his hand.

            "Man I'm digging that new song umm you know the dimples in your back one!"

            "Little Things?"

            "Yeah! That's the one!" he smiled.

            Payton finally butted in, "Well, I've got to go stretch. I'll see you guys after the game."

            She ran off and I looked towards her Dad again, "I never got your name,"

            "Oh! Must've slipped my mind. I'm  Miles Suire. Would you like to sit with me and Lauren in the stands?"

            "Oh Lauren said she couldn't make it, but I'd love to join you. I honestly don't know any other people around here!"

            "That's alright. It's a very small town. I'm sure most of the town will be at the game!"

            We finally started walking towards the stands and up the steps, "Yeah I come from a very small town in Ireland so I know what it's like."

            By the time we reached our seats the first quarter had begun.

            "Do you have any idea what's going on in the game?" he said.

            "To be honest sir, no not really." I replied.

            We had only been outside for a couple of minutes and the heat was smoldering. I knew I had to keep my hoodie on no matter what though. I was not going to risk being scene and causing a commotion. I don't think the players would appreciate a boy band member stealing some of the attention for a moment.

            Miles chuckled at me, "Well let me give you the basic. Our team wants to run that way to score a touchdown," he said pointing the right,"and that team wants to run to that side to score a touchdown."

            "Makes some sense. At least I'm not completely lost!"

            "You know, Payton used to play soccer when she was in elementary school but quit once high school started.. She was the tiniest on the field, but that surely didn't faze her. Her little feet moved so fast. She was my baby Beckham."

            "Ahh, you know David Beckham. I give you props!"

            "Well, it's easier to know who he is since Payton and her mom think he is a 'hottie'... Whatever that's supposed to mean." he laughed.

            "So why'd she end up quitting?"

            "Well, she said it was too hard to keep up with. I think she's even quitting softball this year. Volleyball season already passed and this is her last football game she'll ever cheer at since it's her senior year. she only wants to focus on her grades, basketball, and student council community service stuff you know? Stuff that looks good for college or how you'd like to call university."

            "She must be quite the handful huh?" i sighed.

            Our eyes glued back to the game for a while.

            Miles  spoke up again, "So uhh I've never really been in this situation before so i don't know how to put this, but uhh are you Payton's boyfriend now? I've seen it like all over the Internet."

            "No, we're just friends. The media makes up a lot of stuff." It got quiet again before I spoke up again, "So she's never really had a boyfriend?"

            "Honestly I think she'd want one, just hasn't had the time. She's different from all of her friends. More independent I guess you could say. I think she basically thinks that she doesn't need a guy to make her feel good about herself. She doesn't really like to be close with anyone."

            "She's afraid they'll end up hurting her. Like spare the pain now and just not let anyone in?"

            "Gosh I sound like Dr. Phil talking to a member of a boy band about my daughter... How did I get in this situation.?" he laughed.

            "It was getting pretty cheesy there for a second. I'm just glad you weren't one of those intimidating dads."

            "Easier to crack a joke than to give a stern handshake."

            We both chuckled and finished watching the game. Every now and then I'd ask what was going on but nothing too badly. I mostly just watched the cheerleaders. I literally had a mini heart attack every time they threw Payton into the air or held her in a stunt. It didn't faze her though. She just stayed confident the whole time with that stunning brace face smile of hers.

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