Payton is a small town girl from Louisiana. She's done everything she supposed to. Make straight A's, vice president of the student council, in beta club, on the cheer squad, basketball, softball, and volleyball team. But what will happen when Payton runs into Niall Horan and meets the rest of his bandmates. Worst of all, who will hold Payton's heart? Payton's best friend Lauren has a thing for Harry, but what will happen when Lauren's ex boyfriend, Kaleb, gets into the mix? It's all just too... Irresistible.


7. Enough

Harry's POV

            Lauren must be on the phone with Payton because she can't stop laughing. I swear you say "hey" and Lauren laughs. It's one of the things I love most about her. She can always brighten anyone’s mood because she thinks everything is hilarious. She hung up the phone.

            "Payton?" I asked.

            "Yeah she wants me to come over. We haven't hung out as much as we normally do."

            "Well, if you want to hurry to her I'd better get going. I'll tell the rest of the lads you said hello."

            "Don't try and slip away so fast there Mr. Styles. You haven't given me my goodnight kiss."

            "Lauren, I'm falling head over heels for you, but what about Kaleb?"

            "Harry he is long gone. He came over the other day and well we had a nice argument."

            "Well what all did he s-" I was cut off with Lauren's lips crashing into mine.

            "Don't worry Harry. Just kiss me."

            After our make out session I headed back to the hotel. Me and Lou arrived just about at the same time. We headed to our room we shared together.

            "So how's Lauren."

            "Great as always. I really think we have something special. What about you and Payton?"

            "Our relationship is great, but like when we kiss it's just like there's nothing there."

            "Mate, you know how this works. You've gone through this with plenty girls. Save yourself the heartache."

            "What do you mean?"

            "I mean talk to Payton about it. Every time I kiss the Lauren the whole universe stops spinning and my heart skips a beat. It's like it's the first time we ever kissed every time we do, but also our last. That's how it should feel."

            "Yeah, I think I just need to sleep things off. Goodnight."

            "Goodnight lad. I hope everything works out for the best."


Louis's POV

            As I laid in bed I thought about the only person I ever shared that type of kiss with. Jenna. It was right when I was leaving for Louisiana for the Pepsi Commercial and after it we swore never to do it again because it could wreck our friendship. What if it wouldn't though? I just can't leave Payton though I mean she just became my girlfriend. I just need to sleep on it and finally I drifted into a deep sleep.


Payton's POV

            Lauren finally decided to show up to my house after her makeout session with Harry.

            "So, how's Harry?
            "He's great. I just worry about Kaleb."

            "I thought you dumped his sorry ass?!"

            "I did. I did... but..."

            "But what Lauren? Did that prick hit you again?"

            "Yeah, but I mean it was just a slap..."

            "Come to the bathroom with me!"

            "What? Why?" she questioned as I drug her to the bathroom. I grabbed a cotton ball from under the sink and poured some of my makeup remover.

            "Payton? What the hell are you doing?"

            I grabbed her and sat her down on the toilet and rubbed her cheeks. Her right cheek revealed a bruise just under her eye.

            "Oh hell no!" I said grabbing her keys.

            "Payton, Where are you going?" she said sobbing.

            "To Kaleb's house. I've had enough of this shit Lauren. You know you're an idiot sometimes." I said while slamming the car door shut and driving off leaving Lauren alone at my house.

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