Payton is a small town girl from Louisiana. She's done everything she supposed to. Make straight A's, vice president of the student council, in beta club, on the cheer squad, basketball, softball, and volleyball team. But what will happen when Payton runs into Niall Horan and meets the rest of his bandmates. Worst of all, who will hold Payton's heart? Payton's best friend Lauren has a thing for Harry, but what will happen when Lauren's ex boyfriend, Kaleb, gets into the mix? It's all just too... Irresistible.


4. Decisions


Lauren's POV

            This is the first night I've spent by myself home in a while. I did what I usually did and watch movies… On a Saturday night. I was such a bum. I was finally falling asleep and enjoying my peace when there was a knock on my door. I hate being by myself and this was probably my worst nightmare. There's probably some murderer by the door. I peeked through the peep whole. It was him.

            I opened the door, "What are you doing here Kaleb?"

            "Look I'm sorry for everything Lauren. I can control my temper now and I promise I won't hurt you. Just give me another chance."

            I sat him down, "I'm sorry, but my eyes don't light up when I hear your name anymore. I don't get chills when you walk by and my heart doesn't race when you smile my way. You don't get me like you used to. You're just a bad memory in the back of my mind.

            "Lauren don't be this way. You know you love me."

            "But I don't anymore."

            My cheek was then burning red with a handprint from him. That was all it took.

            "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"

            He began walking out the door, but I wasn't finished.

            "Don't be surprised the next time you make your way past me and I don't even glance your way. Don't even bother trying to talk to me, you won't get a response. I'm done fighting the same losing battle. The saddest part is that you have no one to blame but yourself. I gave you every chance you could've asked for, and you messed up every time. You've lost me Kaleb and I loathe every moment I ever spent and wasted with you!"

            He acted like he didn't hear anything I said, but I know he did. He slammed his car door shut and drove off. I hope that was the last I'll ever hear from him. I feel as if I've lifted a thousand pound weight off my shoulders and my new work out equipment was Harry.


Payton's POV


            I know I needed to make a decision, and it seemed pretty simple to me now. I just completely got rejected from Niall. I thought maybe he had feelings for me, but he's just like every other guy I've tried to become close with. I haven't had a boyfriend since the 7th grade and there's a reason for that. Guys would rarely want to talk to me or hangout, and when we did, all they did was ask if I could send them a picture of myself naked or if they could touch my boobs or stick their hand down my pants. Obviously I'm not like that. When I thought a guy actually was my friend, they'd come to my house and we'd hang out just like I would with any of my friends. The next day at school there's a rumor spread that we had sex or some shit like that. From what I know, I'm still a virgin and the farthest I've gotten with a guy is making out... not very far. I'm terrified of the day a guy maybe truly does love me. I don't know how to show affection in the right ways. When someone tells me I'm pretty, the compliment flies right over my head. Someone could say you're ugly and those words drill into my brain and never leave. I feel that Louis is different though. I heard a knock on my door.

            "Come in,"

            Louis sighed as he walked in, "Man, I'm exhausted."

            I scoffed, "You're exhausted... How do you think I feel?"

            "Oh yeah. I totally forgot. How's your leg doing after cheer practice?"

            "Not too swell."

            "Aww poor baby!"

            "Now come to bed you silly goose!"

            "Yes m'am!"

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