Payton is a small town girl from Louisiana. She's done everything she supposed to. Make straight A's, vice president of the student council, in beta club, on the cheer squad, basketball, softball, and volleyball team. But what will happen when Payton runs into Niall Horan and meets the rest of his bandmates. Worst of all, who will hold Payton's heart? Payton's best friend Lauren has a thing for Harry, but what will happen when Lauren's ex boyfriend, Kaleb, gets into the mix? It's all just too... Irresistible.


12. Basketball



Payton's POV

            I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm. Another day, another day. I got up and looked at myself disgusted. My makeup was smeared and no shampoo in my greasy hair. It was 6 o'clock in the morning. Good thing I got up this early because I needed a shower. I grabbed my phone and shuffled all my John Mayer songs. I hopped in the shower and let the hot water run through my hair. Why did showers always feel so much better in the mornings. I did not want to get out! Finally all my songs had played so I got out and looked at the clock. Whoops, it was already 6:30. I went put some waffles in the toaster and put on my school uniform and made sure I had my ID this time. I slipped on my black converse, brushed my wet hair, put in a stretchy headband, and decided not to wear make up today. I grabbed my waffles and headed out the door. Lauren was always here waiting for me early. I got in the car.

            "Hey girl!" she said.

            "What up Homie L.?"

            She burst into laughter... like she does at everything you say to her. "Ready for school P. Swizzle."

            "Of course not!.. As usual."

            We got about halfway down the road when Lauren abruptly stopped. I looked at her, "What?"

            "You have to go put on makeup!"

            "Dude, I know I don't look good without makeup Lauren, but you don't have to be so rude."

            "You idiot! Look in the mirror."

            I yanked down the passenger mirror, "Oh shit!"

            I ran into my house and yanked out my cover up. My bruise was still there and I had totally forgotten. Just when I thought we could be early for school, of course i had to be so stupid and forget about my bruise. I ran out the door and back into the car.



            "So how's your bruise?"

            "Looks about the same as yours. It's really hard to keep up with it because of Harry."

            I smirked, "You lost your V card didn't you?!"

            "Payton! I've only known Harry for a couple of days!"

            "I know. It's weird to think we only met them on Friday and today's Tuesday..."

            "We've all kind of rushed into things haven't we?"

            "Maybe we should slow down you know?"

            "Deff." she said while getting out the car. We both went to our lockers and by that time the bell had rung and we headed into our homeroom we had together.



Louis's POV

            I waited outside for Payton to get out of school. It was so weird. I felt like Jake Ryan waiting for Samantha Baker in 16 Candles. The bell finally rang and I saw her come outside. She looked around and I waved her down. She smiled, ran towards me, and embraced me in a giant hug.

            "Well, that's a way to say hello!" I said.

            "Sorry! I'm just happy to see a face from someone outside of that hell whole."

            I laughed and we got into my car. I turned my key in the ignition.

            "Wait. I have a question to ask you."

            "What?" I said.

            "Do you ever think this is all happening too fast?"

            "What do you mean?"

            "I mean we just met Friday. Do we even know anything about each other?"          

            "Of course we do!"

            "Okay. Then what are my parents names? What's my favorite food?"

            "Well you don't have a favorite food. You love all food!"

            "Yeah, but that's obvious."

            I started driving. "What should we do then?"

            "Just slow things down maybe. Get all the boys together and I'll get all the girls one night and maybe we could just I don't know I'll figure something out."

            "You always do," I say and give her a kiss on the cheek.


Payton's POV

            I headed inside and my phone started to ring. I read the name "mudduh" and smiled answering.

            "Hey mom!"

            "Hey! So how's everything going at home?"

            "Getting better."

            "Well, I talked to the police again about what happened on Saturday. The say their trying to get the fingerprints from the knife still"

            "I don't want to go up there alone and find out Mom. Can we just wait till you and Dad get home?"

            "That's fine. I think we're going to come home early because of what happened."

            "Good. I've been pretty freaked out lately."

            "So, how are those boys you met. I know you told me that they stayed a night at the house but that was all."

            "Well, it's a really long story Mom. I'll tell you when you're home."

            "We should be home some time tomorrow. Hopefully before you get home from school. Get Lauren, Mary, or Syd to sleepover tonight. I don't want you alone."

            "Okay. I love you."

            "Don't think I forgot about your gig too! Tell me everything when I get home! Love you!"

            "Okay Mom. Bye"

            Once I hung up the phone I decided to go and check my twitter. I opened it up and I had a least a thousand more followers. I started reading all these tweets towards me.

            @direction101: @paytonefron You and Niall are so cute together! #nayton

            @molliehoran: @paytonefron Lay off Niall he's mine! I'm way prettier and better for him. You're just a slutty bitch.

            I went through hundreds of tweets. About half of them were sweet and the other half were just rude. I honestly didn't care about the rude ones though. I'm not one to take things to heart from people who say rude things that I don't even know. Then, it hit me. Why in hell were people tweeting me about dating Niall? I hurried and searched on google "nayton" and all kinds of photos were showing up of me and the boys. They had a couple of pictures of me and Louis but so many more of me and Niall. I guess people thought the wrong thing. I dialed Niall's number.

            "What?" he answered.

            I was not about to argue about the way he was talking to me so I got straight to the point. "You checked twitter lately?"

            "Not really why?"

            "Take a look for youself. I've got to go do homework and get ready for my basketball game."

            "Basketball?" he laughed.

            "Yeah. Why?"

            "I hate to break it to you Payton but how in hell are you on the basketball team."

            "I don't have time to be criticized about my height Niall. I know that's where you were taking this."

            "I've got to see this for myself. See you tonight!"


            "Yeah, I think I'm going to gather up the boys to go watch this 'basketball' game!"



Niall's POV

            I opened up my twitter app and saw everything. Why would people think that I'm dating Payton? Well, I guess there was that one night with that dude Kaleb, but really? Out of curiosity I went onto Payton's page. She had nearly thousands of new followers. I started going through all of her tweets and photos. She had photos here and there of her, Lauren, Mary, and Sydney, but I had to burst into laughter. Most of her twitter pictures were of food. I swear. She randomly just posts things that she eats... a lot. I got off of her pictures and started looking through all of the times she was mentioned. She was actually getting lots of nice things said about her, but half of it was also hate. Girls can be so jealous sometimes. The rest of the boys were around and when i looked up they were all staring at me.

            "What?" I asked.

            "You randomly burst into laughter, then got all serious mate. Please tell me you aren't going crazy." Zayn said.

            "I'm not going crazy. I just went look at Payton's twitter profile."

            "Oh gosh," Louis said.

            All the boys went and looked at her profile. I was a bit confused when I looked at Louis though. He was so calm about the situation. If Payton was my girlfriend and they were saying she was dating another guy I'd be furious.

            Louis finally spoke, "It's all just a mix up. No big deal."

            We all looked a bit confused then I finally broke the silence, "Well you guys all want to go to a basketball game tonight?"

            "Basketball?" Harry questioned.

            "Payton's game." I said.

            I could tell they were all holding in their laughter. We finally all looked at each other and couldn't hold it in anymore. We finally got our composure and calmed a bit down.

            Harry stood up, "I'm calling Lauren to go"

            We all nodded and started getting ready for the game. Each of us tried to wear hoodies and sunglasses so we wouldn't be so easily recognized. We also decided to show up at different times. I showed up with Harry and Lauren, Louis and Zayn, then Liam showed up by himself. Surprisingly our plan worked and no one even glanced our way when we showed up. I guess people in this small town would never think that One Direction was actually here so they just didn't pay any mind to us. The buzzer sounded for the game to begin and the starters took their positions on the court. Payton was still talking to her coach so I figured she wouldn't be a starter. I mean she was the shortest on the team, but then she ran onto the court. I looked at Lauren.

            "She's a starter for the game?" I asked.

            Lauren looked at me puzzled, "Y'all need to give Payton some credit. Don't ever underestimate her."

            Louis butted in, "I don't think we're underestimating her. I think we're all just a bit shocked."

            "You guys do realize she's the point guard of the team right?" she said.

            Harry looked at Lauren confused, "Point guard?"

            Lauren looked at all of us, "The person who takes the ball down the court..."

            From that point on I don't know about the rest of the gang but my eyes were glued to the game. Payton was probably the best on the team. She never missed a shot.

            It finally came to the last quarter and she had played the entire game. The score was 38-40 and we were losing. Her face was tomato red and she was breathing heavy. I looked over to Lauren, "Does she normally look that tired?"

            "After playing an entire game? Pretty much."

            Then Payton swiped the ball from another girl and made a fast break. She ran faster than all the other girls and went in for a lay up when a giant girl swooped out of no where and knocked her down. They called a foul and it took a second but Payton got off the ground and went up to the free throw line. She took a couple of dribbles and made both of them and it was now a tie game. They ran down the court to play defense and there was only 15 second left on the clock. Payton saw the time and the other teams point guard dribbled down the court. Payton swooped the ball from under her and made another fast break to shoot a lay up. She went up acting like she would shoot then passed the ball off to another girl who only just got put into the game. The girl panicked looked at the ball then the goal. Time was running out!

            "SHOOT!" Payton yelled.

            The girl shot the ball, it circled around the rim, and finally went through the goal! The entire crowd stood up and cheered! Payton ran and hugged the rest of her team mates. She went and had a talk with her coach and the rest of the team and was finally free to go. She ran up to all of us, but gave Louis a hug. He picked her up in the hug and twirled her around giving her a kiss. I couldn't stand to look. When I did turn back around she was back on the ground and a tall man approached her.

            He said, "Hi. You must be Payton. I'm a scout from Louisiana State University."

            "Yes, sir"

            "The way you gave the winning shot up to a Freshman in the fourth quarter during a tie game took guts. Keep playing like that and we may have a spot for you on LSU's team."

            "Really?! Thank you so much! I won't let you down!"

            "Here's my card. Give me a call. I'd like to speak to you and your folks."

            "Yes sir!" she said to him as he walked out the gym.

            Payton looked towards us, "Am I dreaming or did that really just happen?!"

            Lauren put her arm around her, "I'm pretty sure that just happened! I'm so happy for you!" she said pulling her into a hug.

            Payton then started wiping the sweat off her face and I noticed something unusual. "What's on the side of your face." I said touching it.

            "Ouch!" she said.

            "Is that from the other night?!" I yelled.

            "The other night?" Louis questioned.

            "Ermmm, Lauren and I have got to get home. See you guys tomorrow!"

            "Not until you explain to us what's going on Payton." Louis said blocking her from leaving.

            "She slipped and hit the side of her head on the counter," I blurted out. I could tell Payton wanted to keep things a secret.

            "No. Both of you. Just stop." Lauren said raising her voice.

            "Don't do this," Payton whispered in her ear.

            "I don't want you guys covering for me anymore. It's time you guys knew." Lauren said.

            "Knew what?" Harry said.

            "About my ex boyfriend Kaleb abusing me. He didn't start until recently and I just let him keep doing it. Payton found out that he did and it took everything I had to stop her from going off on him, but the other night I couldn't and she took off and he hit her too." Lauren confessed.

            "So you told Niall but you didn't tell me?!" Louis blurted out to Payton.

            "It wasn't my fault he was there that night!" she replied.

            "We shouldn't keep secrets from each other!" Louis yelled.

            Lauren stepped in, "Look Louis. It's not her fault. She was doing it for me."

            Louis just got into his car and drove off. All of a sudden we looked around and Harry was zooming off in his car too. I think we can all guess where to. Kaleb's.

            Payton looked at me, "I don't feel like dealing with this. I know she's my best friend but can you just take me home?"

            "Sure," I replied.

            Liam and Zayn got into their car and headed to go help. I pulled into Payton's driveway and she looked at me. She had that look she always gives me with those crystal blue eyes.

            "My mom doesn't want me home alone tonight. You think you could come in until Lauren get's back?"

            "I can't do this Payton."

            "I know. I can't either."

            "Come on."


            "Let's go inside."

            "But I-"

            "No buts. Let's just go inside. You go to sleep in your bed and I'll crash on the couch until Lauren get's back okay?"

            She nodded her head and we both headed inside the house.


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