A night out

A story I had to write as a project for English.. :)


1. A night out

I let the strong liquor run down my throat and into my stomach. It burned so good, and I felt the heat spread through my body. I placed the shot glass on the table again and starred at it for a while. I just sat there, and let my mind go blank. I really needed that, after what I had been through. The word ‘horrible‘, couldn’t even describe how I had been feeling. Maybe I was just unlucky, or someone had put a curse on me. I would bet my money on the last one. Someone out there really hated me.
I couldn’t blame them though. I hadn’t been a very good person in the past. Maybe that’s why all of those things had happened to me... But that was going to change. I was going to change.
But first, I needed to forget who I was. And the only way to do that was to drink...

I glanced at the bartender, who quite rudely stood and looked at me. He wasn’t very handsome for a bartender. When he saw that I was looking at him, he walked over with a drink in his hand. He placed the drink before me with a light nod, and removed the towel he had around his neck, and started to wipe off a whiskey glass. I didn’t know what kind of drink it was. I had never seen it before.
“From the gentleman over there” he made a movement with his head towards a man in a suit, who sat at the end of the bar, with the same kind of drink that was put before me. The man sent me a smile and raised his glass, and I did the same, so I wouldn’t look stupid.
I took a sip of the drink, and made a surprised face. The drink was accentually rather tasty. A smile spread upon my lips, as I took another sip. I let my eyes wander to the gentleman who had been so kind to buy me a drink, and realized, he was still looking at me.
He had dark brown eyes, which was looking directly at me. His golden chestnut coloured hair had a hint of red, and was arranged in a modern type of hairstyle, which in a way, attracted me.
His plumb lips were slightly parted so you could see his white teeth, while he was smiling at me. I couldn’t help but to return the smile.
He was a muscular man. I could see that, from the way his suit soothed him. I could practically see his muscles through his clothes. I looked down at myself and felt a bit uneven. I wasn’t that fancy dressed, as he was. I was only wearing a black top, with a matching skirt, and a pair of high heeled boots. Still I looked good, but not as sophisticated as he did. He looked like he belonged in a five-star hotel, with butlers all around him.

But in a way, I felt happy. Happy that someone was interested in me. It was a surprise to even be looked at in that way. Maybe he didn’t know who I was? What kind of things I had done?
It wasn’t like I had murdered someone, no; I could never do something like that. Everyone blamed me for the kid’s suicide. I knew I was a strict and hard teacher. But I never knew he felt like that. It got out to the media, that I had been a teacher, who bullied the kids. Of course I didn’t do that, but there were rumours going around. And one feather became 15 hens.

I ripped my eyes away from him, and starred at the coaster on the bar instead. I grasped the drink, and chucked it down in a couple of mouthfuls. I licked my lips, and could taste the remaining drops from the drink. I sat the glass down, and motioned for the bartender to approach. He did so, and stood right before me.
I asked him for another drink, the same drink which he had just brought to me five minutes earlier. He gave me a questioning look, which I ignored, and started to rip a paper napkin in to little pieces. He went to get my drink, and when he returned I gulped down the drink pretty quickly. I had to stick to my plan... I had to get wasted.

It was like a fog had entered my brain. I couldn’t think straight, and the only thing I felt was joy. I couldn’t stop chuckling, as I swayed to the left, about to fall down from my barstool if it had not been for the strong arm around my waist. The bar wasn’t that clean anymore. There were empty shot glasses, chips crumbles and empty beer bottles, shredded pieces of paper and napkins and drops of different kind of fluids.
I regained my balance and twaddled a ‘thanks’, before I let my eyes wander down his body with something that reminded of a creepy smile on my lips. I leaned my head back and let out a light laugh, which maybe had sounded a bit mad, because the wonderful man next to me suddenly stiffened, and his grip around my waist slackened. I chucked down another two shots, or was it three? I didn’t count how much I had had. I didn’t care.

I don’t know how I ended up on the street, without Mr. Gorgeous with me. I had no idea who the neck I had my arm around, belonged to. The only thing I knew, and cared for, was that he had a vodka bottle, which was now in my free hand. I took a big swig and made a face, when the fluid burned my throat.
Suddenly, we started singing. Oh, what a wonderful song it was. ‘We are the champions!’ Yes yes. I am the champion, the queen of the world. I needed more vodka.
I pushed the person beside me away, when I realized there was no more vodka left. I let out a growl, and with a weird sneering, I watched the person walk away from me. A hysterical laugh was let out through my lips, and my legs suddenly gave in. I plumped down on a bench, and felt my back hit something cold and wet. I moved my head, and felt really tired. I just needed one nap. Just a tiny one, then I could go back to the bar and find a hot easy guy, who didn’t look like he had a broomstick up in his ass. I chuckled slightly at my own joke, and licked my dry lips, before swinging a bit with my feet. I felt more and more relaxed, as I drifted away. After what felt like seconds, everything went black.

Why was everything spinning? Please stop.
I opened my eyes, and blinked a few times because of the bright light in my eyes.
“God. Stop that” I grunted and turned my head to look at the person, who so rudely had been putting a flashlight in my face.
“Miss, you are not allowed to sleep on the bench” I didn’t really care, that I wasn’t allowed to do that. He could go fuck himself. I wanted to sleep, and that was what I was planning to do. He suddenly grabbed my arm roughly when I didn’t react. He yanked me up from my position on the bench, and made me sit up.
“Hey! What do you think you are doing?!” I may have been growling at him. My head was throbbing, and I felt like throwing up. And I didn’t need a stupid policeman telling me what to do. I leaned forward and barfed all over his boots. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight.
“That’s it miss, you are coming with us!” I looked up at him, trying to focus on his face, but failed. I felt his hands on my biceps. I sneered annoyed, when he dragged me up in a standing position.

I couldn’t remember anything from the trip to the police station. The last thing I remembered, was, that I was lying in a shitty bed with a massive headache.
I kicked off my one boot, because it annoyed me. I turned around, so I was lying on my back, and I was gone a couple of seconds after I had closed my eyes.

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