Love,Passion, and Heartbreaks

Riley is a normal girl and she loves One Direction. When she gets the chance to meet them she finds her self falling for one of them. What happens to her when her mother finds out? Will her life ever be the same?


6. WHY!?

Liam's POV

We were off to the movies with Jessica, Ainsley, and Riley. I saw Ainsley and Harry together as well as Jessica and Niall. It made me super jealous. I wanted to be with Riley but every time I would start to make a move I could tell by her look she was telling me to stop. But, I can't! The way he crystal blue eyes sparkle in the sun and he blonde hair. Why was she pushing me away! So, we finally made it to the movie theater and we all get out. It was Harry's night to pick and go figure he picked a scary movie. I personally think Harry wants and excuse to hold Ainsley. Wait if I sit by Riley then maybe she'll get scared...

Riley's POV

We enter the theater and there is no one else here, I guessing because its the scariest move out. Or people are just at work. I sat down and Liam looked at me and then started to let other people go in front of him so he didn't have to sit next to me. So before I had to sit next to Zayn I gestured Liam to come sit down. He smiled and then he came and sat next to me. I was happy but at the same time I was telling myself not to fall for him because my mum would hurt him. If he only knew. So before the movie starts I will tell him. "Liam." I started. "Yes, love" He answered. "Liam I want to be with you but I can't. My mum is super protective and won't let me date or even fall in love with you. So is that a good reason of why we can't be together and why when you flirt I push away?" I tell him. "Yeah I guess so." He said broken hearted. He got up with tears in his eyes and went to the bathroom. 

Liam's POV

I ran to the bathroom after she told me we couldn't be together. I pulled out the pocket knife that I took from her purse. I love her and she doesn't love me. I take the sharpest blade and pull it out to see that there is already blood on the blade. She cuts herself? Why she is beautiful and smart why would she have the need to cut herself? I have to know. So, I go back in side the theater the movie has already started. SO I go back to my seat and see that Riley is gone. She comes in just in time to see me and then turns around and runs out. I run right after her. I find her out side looking through her purse. She was looking for the pocket knife. So I walk over to her and hold the knife in my hand. She sees it and then turns from confused to angry. "Why the hell do you have my knife?" She asks me as nicely as she could. "Better question is why do you cut yourself!?" I tell her. I then grab her wrist and see a bunch of slit marks. I see her start to tear up and then she says " I get bullied and I got bullied by my own friends on my birthday and I lost it I say no one loves me and one cares. You guys and Jessica are the only reason why Im still here." I say to her then "Riley I love you with all my heart. From the second you walked in that door." I wipe away her tears and then end up in a hug and her arms are around my neck and and mine around her waist. Then without thinking I kiss her.

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