Love,Passion, and Heartbreaks

Riley is a normal girl and she loves One Direction. When she gets the chance to meet them she finds her self falling for one of them. What happens to her when her mother finds out? Will her life ever be the same?


7. Who cares! I love you!

Riley's POV

Just as Liam was pulling away I started to realize that I loved him back! "Sorry! You were just so tempting!" he said to me. "Its okay I loved it" I said back to him. We laughed and then he said to me "Riley Elizabeth Hurley, will you be mine to hold! As my girlfriend!" "Yes Liam! I love you! Who cares about what my mum said." I told him. So he grabbed my hand and we started to walk back into the theater. But, what we didn't know is that a pap was watching us and got a picture of us when we were kissing. Anyway we went back inside and when we got in there I guess the movie ended because the rest of the boys, Jessica, and Ainsley were sitting out side the theater. Zayn smiles when he sees us hand in hand. Along with the rest of them. "Does that mean  you two are together now?" Niall asks. "I just asked her mate, and she said yes." Liam answered. "Riley can we talk to you. Jessica and I." Ainsley said to me. "I guess." So they pull me into the bathroom and then they are both serious. "You need to see this." Ainsley said as she pulled out her new phone and pulled up twitter. Then there is was for the whole world to see. A pic of me and Liam kissing. "OH NO! My mum has twitter and she follows everyone I follow, which is Liam!" I say to them. "Whats your mum going to do?" Jessica asks. Then before I could answer my phone starts ringing. "Speak of the devil" I answer it "Hi, mum" "I know you saw the pic but he is my boyfriend and aren't I allowed to kiss my boyfriend!?" "Mum I'm 18 now and I don't wanna go back! I could start school here! Ad be with my boyfriend. Please mum!" "FINE THEN BE LIKE THAT IM NOT COMING HOME SO IF YOU WANNA COME HERE I'LL BE WAITING!" then with that I hung up the phone. Ainsley and Jessica looked at me with scared faces. "Sorry, my mum says she's coming and if she gets here before Liam and I break up then she will hurt him and I" I say to them. "Its okay! But, your not gonna break up with him." Jessica says to me. "why shouldn't I? If I truly loved him wouldn't I be doing the right thing to protect him."I say back. She then says "He can protect himself. He wants you to be happy. You are happy being with him. He loves you Riley." I didn't know what to say after so I just walked out and back over to the boys. I saw Liam had a worried face when he sees me mad. "Whats wrong?" he questions me. "My mum is coming and she is going to hurt you and I if we don't break up before she gets here." I sadly tell him. But, I guess he took that in a way of breaking up with him. "Okay then Im going too stay away from you now." he says to me with tears forming in his eyes. "Liam I wasn't breaking up with you! I love you! and I know you love me. I want to have you no matter what. My mum only wants to hurt me for not listening and that is who she is going to hurt. Not you, the boys, Jessica or Ainsley." I tell him. With that he grabs me and pulls me into a deep kiss and whispers "I won't ever let you get hurt!" I began to pull away but I guess Liam isn't done because he just pulls me right back in and I don't fight him. We must have been kissing for at least 10 minutes because when we were in the bathroom my phone said 6:50 and then a couple seconds ago Louis tapped on Liam shoulder and said "Mate you and your girl can kiss when we get home! Its 7 o'clock." Man Liam was a good kisser. Liam James Payne. I just kissed Liam James Payne. He is my boyfriend. My dreams that I thought would never come true. I'm madly in love and so is he. With me <3 :)


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