Love,Passion, and Heartbreaks

Riley is a normal girl and she loves One Direction. When she gets the chance to meet them she finds her self falling for one of them. What happens to her when her mother finds out? Will her life ever be the same?


3. Packing


To all who thought the second chapter was confusing when she started cutting herself its because she is always bullied but never by her friends and when they started she broke and she said stuff about how no one cares or loves her. Thats all my fellow readers!!! :)

Riley's POV

As the day went on my cuts got a little bit better. I was on my left hand so I could still write. My friends said nasty things to me and ignored me the whole day. I only had Jessica since Ainsley had moved to London.  I remember we were the best friends.  *RING RING RING* Finally the last bell! "Hey Jessica you wanna come over?" I asked her. "Sure and we can tell your mum about tomorrow" she replied. "Lets go!" and after I said that we were off to my house.

Riley's Mum's POV

I was watching the telly when the girls got home. "Hi mum Jessica is gonna help me pack." Riley said to me. "Pack for what?" I thought. So I asked "Um hun what are you packing for?" "Jessica got me plane tickets and a pass to spend a day with One Direction so we leave tomorrow. Jessica and I." she answered. " okay but you aren't allowed to flirt or get really close to any of them okay and if you do so help me I will go over there and beat you and take you home and you will lose everything because your too young to have a boyfriend and definitely too young to have a famous one!" I warned her. "IM 18 MUM! GOSH! IM NOT 10!" she shouted at me. After that she ran up stairs with Jessica and slammed the door. 

Jessica's POV

As soon as Riley shut, well slammed, the door shut she started crying. I asked her why her mom won't let her date but she was crying and packing so either she didn't hear me or doesn't wanna talk about it. Then I got up and started to help her pack her clothes. We finished within an hour and then we sat on the bed and started talking. Then Riley's phone started to ring. She picked it up and started talking "hello" she said into it! They chatted for a few minutes and then Riley hung up after saying "Okay great see you tomorrow! Bye!" I asked her "who was it?" "Ainsley. She said that you texted her that were coming so I asked her  if she could pick us up at the air port and then I invited her to the day with 1D and she yelled "YES" and then we hung up." she answered.  So then we went to my house packed my clothes and then we checked the clock and it was 9:00 so I grabbed my stuff and we went back to Riley's house since she said I could sleep over. As soon as we finished setting up her spare bed,Riley went to be and fell asleep and I laid in bed with my thoughts "We had a big day tomorrow and we needed to get up at 5 to be at the airport at 6." Then I went into a deep sleep.


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