Love,Passion, and Heartbreaks

Riley is a normal girl and she loves One Direction. When she gets the chance to meet them she finds her self falling for one of them. What happens to her when her mother finds out? Will her life ever be the same?


8. Jiall! But no Riam.

Liam's POV

We get home and I am smiling from ear to ear. I am holding my brand new amazing girlfriend's hand! I honestly love her. But, all of a sudden the thing Riley said about her mum is coming back into my mind. She was going to come and hurt me and Riley. I couldn't stay with Riley! I love her but I need her to remain healthy and not get hurt. I am going to break up with her. In the morning.

*Morning Next Day*

Niall's POV

Liam seemed sad after hearing about Riley's mum. Its almost like he was scared for her. Yet she is happy with him. Anyway, I have the most amazing gift for Jessica when I ask her out. Its a ring with a 4-leaf clover on it and the emeralds that make it green are real, along with the silver. I got so that way if she said yes then she could have a part of me all the time. Now I just have to wait till she gets up.

Riley's POV

I woke up and looked around. Liam was gone. So I got up and went to go get ready then when I came down stairs I called out "Liam? Are you down here?" I got no reply so I walked around the whole house then saw Louis, Harry and Ainsley on the couch. "Have you seen Liam?" I asked them. "Yeah. He left and he wanted me to give you this." Louis answered. He handed me a folded up piece of paper I opened it and it said "Riley I love you! That is why I am leaving and breaking up with you so that way you will not get hurt if your mum comes here. I left because I didn't want to see you cry because I know this is hurting you. I broke my promise to never hurt you but, I need to protect you. Goodbye Love! <3 -Liam" I dropped the paper and my knees gave in and Harry screamed out my name. They all gathered around me and then Jessica grabbed the paper and took everyone away so that way she could read it out loud with out me hearing but I knew the exact words. Everyone left besides Zayn he didn't care what Liam had to say. He was more worried about me. I just laid there motionless until I realized Liam would have to come back here sooner or later. So I got up and ran upstairs and started packing my stuff. I had all my stuffed packed and raced down the stairs with it and opened the door and then I turned my head. I see 6 sad looking faces and one under the covers. I knew that was Liam so I said "Goodbye love to you too Liam" then I ran out the door and slammed it shut. My life, my perfect dream was just the beginning of a horrible scary nightmare. I got in my car and then realized I had left my keys in the house. I was just about to get them when everyone but Liam came out side. Harry was holding my keys and by the look on his face he wasn't going to give them to me. I just sat there and looked at them. Zayn was the first to break and he started crying and yelling "WHY ARE YOU LEAVING" I simply answered "So I can stay out of Liam's life. Like he wants it." Then Zayn jumped in the car and wouldn't get out. Then soon everyone was in my car so I ran out and went back inside. 

Niall's POV 

"It worked!" I shouted. Jessica looked so happy that we got her back inside. She was so happy she turned towards me and kissed me. I laughed as she pulled away and she blushed. So I figured it was the best time to give her the ring. So I pulled it out and grabbed her hand and said "Jessica, I love you and I want to be able to call you mine! Will you go out with me?" "YES I LOVE YOU TOO!!" she answered shouting. I took the ring and put it on her hand now she was complete! "Should we go check on Liam and Riley?" Harry asked. "Yeah because when Riley's mad she will end up hurting someone or breaking something." Ainsley answered. So we got out of the car and then walked inside. What we saw was Liam was trying to hug Riley and was saying "Please forgive me love!" while she was running away from him saying "Never Liam we are over! Just like you want it!" "STOP!" I yelled out. Everyone froze. I usually never yell but I was tired of them fighting. "Riley, you and Liam were born to be together but your mum is stopping you. And Liam, she said that you guys didn't need to break up but, you did it anyway. Why?" I said to them. "I thought that I was doing the right thing so that way she wouldn't get hurt." Liam answered. I was about to say something else when I see Riley run into Liam's open arms and hug him. "Im sorry love." He told her. She left his hug and walked over to me and hugged me. "Thank you! You showed me a reason why I should forgive him." She whispered to me. I shook my head and Liam grabbed her hand and pulled her away. "Now that we are all happy, lets go out" I suggested. They all nodded in agreement. Now were off! 




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