Love,Passion, and Heartbreaks

Riley is a normal girl and she loves One Direction. When she gets the chance to meet them she finds her self falling for one of them. What happens to her when her mother finds out? Will her life ever be the same?


13. I dare you to....

Liam's POV

"I'M GOING FIRST" I shout. We all sit around the coffee table. I spin the bottle and it lands on Niall. "Truth or dare, Ni?" I ask him. "Dare" he replies, grinning. So I decided to be evil and I say "Niall I dare you to do 7 minutes in Heaven with your girlfriend." Niall goes red as well as Jessica. As they get up, Harry takes out his phone to set the timer and they go to her room. As they shut the door to the room, Riley slaps me. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she says.  I hug her and say "C'mon babe! It's not that bad!" She rolls her eyes and we sit and wait for Niall and Jessica to finish.

Niall's POV

"Mate! Times up." Zayn says while banging on the door. Jessica and I get dressed and we leave the room and go back to the table. "Okay my turn" I say while spinning the bottle. It lands on Ainsley. "Ainsley, truth or dare!?" I ask her. "Dare" she answers.  I sit thinking trying to think of an evil dare to make her do. I finally of the perfect dare since she is so innocent. "Okay Ainsley I dare you to give Harry a lap dance!" I say to her. "NO!" she shouts. "Nope a dare is a dare!" Riley says. I nod in agreement and then Ainsley said she would do it. 

Ainsley's POV

I say "Fine" and climb onto Harry's lap. I give him a lap dance. I was getting really good at it and I knew Harry was smirking the whole time. While I was giving him the lap dance I felt something hard on my leg. "Was Harry having a boner?" I thought. I was gonna go further but all of a sudden the door bursts open. I see Lou and El standing there. "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON??" Lou says. "Nothing just truth or dare" Jessica answers. "WHo is this beautiful girl?" Louis asked pointing to Daniela. "She is my best friend!" Riley answers. "Oh. May El and I play?" he asks. "Sure" I say as I start to climb off of Harry. I get off him and hope he calms down with his boner. I spin the bottle and it lands on Zayn. "Truth or dare?" I ask. "Um dare I guess." He answers. "Since Im not that mean I dare you to  get rid of all your hair stuff!" I say. He starts to tear up and gets up without saying anything. He comes back after a few minutes and his cheeks are tear stained. He starts to spin! 

Zayn's POV

"I need to get revenge on Ainsley" I thought. But, the bottle landed on Louis. "DARE" he says before I even ask. I decide to make him embarrass himself so I say, "I dare you to strip down to your boxers while singing 'I just wanna see you strip'" Louis quickly began his dare. I saw all the girls look (except for Ainsley) and enjoy the scene. Louis finishes and then gets dressed. He spins and it lands on Liam. "Dare or dare" Louis says.  "Truth" Liam says. "Oh please Li! Pick dare!" Riley pleads. He stares into her eyes a few minutes before saying "Fine! Dare" Liam says. "Yay! Okay I dare you to strip naked and play with yourself, for 3 minutes. You don't have to do it out here but you have to take your girlfriend in the room with you while you do it." Louis says. "I'll pick the room!" Liam says while he grabs Riley's hand. "Wait I didn't agree to this!" Riley says as Liam drags her. "Oh shut up you know you'll like it" Harry yells to her. Her face just looked so priceless! It's not even describable! So they leave and then after 3 minutes Liam and Riley come out of the room laughing and then they sit down. Liam spins and it lands on Daniela. "WHat could Liam say?" I thought.

Daniela's POV

"Shit" I thought as the bottle stopped on me. I never pick truth, also I didn't want Zayn to think I was scared. "Truth or dare, love?" Liam asks me. "Dare" I answer. "I dare you..." Liam is cut off by the knocking of the door. Ainsley gets up and answers the door. She comes back and some guy is with her. "Guys this is Evan, my neighbor, he asked me what time the neighborhood event was. Continue playing." Ainsley says. Liam gets an evil smirk as he looks back and forth between Evan and I. "Okay Daniela, I dare you to make out with Evan for 5 minutes straight. Including tongue and everything else." Liam says. "i'm going to enjoy this visit" Evan says and I walk over towards him. I notice Zayn, he is tensed up and looks super jealous! I got over to Evan and Jessica said to start so I crash my lips on to his and we start making out. His hands are all over my body and he is softly biting at my lower lip to get and entrance, I grant it because its all part of the dare. After a while Zayn yelled time. I push Evan off me and walk away as fast as I could.  Ainsley comes back and hands Evan a paper then shoves him out. We all get back to our seats and I spin the bottle. "I hope it lands on you" I say to Liam. It lands on Riley though. "I guess I could torture your girlfriend." I say, Liam laughs and Riley looks offended. She rolls her eyes and says dare. "Okay prepare to die" I happily say. 

Riley's POV

"Finally" I though as the bottle landed on me. " I guess I'll torture your girlfriend." I hear Daniela say. "Okay you picked dare so I dare you to dress up like a stripper and act like a stripper. Daniela says to me. "I don't have any stripper outfits." I say back. "Hold on" Jessica says as she gets up. She comes back and has these sexy stripper garments in her hands. "I was planning to use them for something else" Jessica said while winking at Niall. He turned a deep shade of red and hid his face. I took the garments and went in to the restroom. "SHIT! FUCK! SLUTTY ASS PIECE OF MOTHER FUCKING SHIT!" I yell as I am trying to put on the clothes. "Close your eyes everyone!" I say as I come out. All the girls close their eyes but the boys just sit there and stare and look like they are about to drool. Since part of the dare is to act like a stripper, I start to sexily dance. I go over to Liam and pull him up then start to grind on him. I then push him down and sit on him with my legs wrapped around his waist. "No fair! She's your girlfriend!" Louis whined. I then unwrapped my legs and got up. I stood in front of Louis then and bent over. The look on the boys' face was priceless. Louis and Harry were smirking like crazy because Harry had saw too since he was sitting next to Louis. I then start to make my way over to Niall. I accidentally trip and try to causally play it off but I notice when I get up Jessica isn't sitting down anymore. Her and Niall are up dancing to 'Rock me' Everyone else then got up and started dancing. So I took Li and began to grind on him some more.  He looked so turned on. "I like your dare" Liam whispers seductively into my ear. I roll my eyes and then the song ends and we agree to do one last question. So I spin and it lands on Jessica. "Dare!!!!" She says before I ask. "Okay since you picked dare, I dare you too run down the street in just your bra and underwear." I say. "Fine" she says as she gets up. After she leaves for a few minutes she comes back and she is full dressed. "Fucking cold ass weather!" She says and she grabs Niall and they go to their room. "Well, I guess thats a good night" Louis says as he and El begin to get up. "See you guys later! Bye" I say as they leave. Daniela and Zayn went to the guest room and then Harry and  Ainsley got up at the same time. She was in front of him and they begin to wobble to their room. "That was weird!" Liam says, I guess he saw too. Li and I clean up and then we go to our room. He sits on the bed and I was about to go change but he grabs me and makes me sit between him spread out legs.  He wraps his arms around me and then drops something in my lap. "Is this why you ran?" he asks. I look down and see my phone with the still new message from my mum on it. "Yes,..." I answer. "Open it!" he demands. "But!" "NO BUTS OPEN IT NOW" He says angrily trying not toy yell. "Okay" I open it and it read; "I bought my plane ticket! Love-Mummy <3!" I start typing and without thinking I type; Try and find me bitch! Liam tighten his grip and he turned me around so I could see his beautiful face. He then is cracking up then I crack up too. We were laughing for a while until my phone beeped. I looked at it and it said new message; Mum. I opened the message and it read; Now your'e going to get you little shit!" I turned off my phone and put it on the nightstand. "It'll be okay as long as I have you!" Liam said. His face looked so strong yet he looked worried at the same time. Then I couldn't help my self so I leaned towards him then he crashed his lips onto mine. We start to kiss more passionately. I pull away and he doesn't stop me. "Lets get some rest!" I say before I lie down and he protectively wraps his arm around me. "He must really love me like I love him to stay with me through this!" I thought be fore I fell asleep, not know what is going to happen tomorrow.

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