Love,Passion, and Heartbreaks

Riley is a normal girl and she loves One Direction. When she gets the chance to meet them she finds her self falling for one of them. What happens to her when her mother finds out? Will her life ever be the same?


2. Don't!

Jessica's POV

We got to school and saw our friends so, we walked over there. When we got there I heard someone say "We're not gonna talk to her even though its her birthday." I knew they were talking about Riley because her birthday was the one farthest away from the rest of ours. But, I wondered what she did to make them not talk to her? "Hi guys" Riley said to them. They said nothing. So I said "Hey." Then they all started talking to me saying stuff about One Direction and how today was a great day. I turned and looked at Riley she had tears in her eyes and then she ran as I started to "Riley..." I ran after her and found her in the bathroom.

Riley's POV

I ran to the bathroom after my friends treated me like I wasn't even there. And of course of all days they pick my birthday. So while I was in the bathroom I looked in the mirror and then looked away and then pulled out a pocket knife and started to cut my wrist.

Jessica's POV

I got to the bathroom and she was there cutting her wrist with a pocket knife. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!?" I yelled at her. "No one cares about me. I'm ugly and no one likes me." she softly said still cutting herself. SO I ran over to where she was and grabbed the knife out of her hand. "GIVE IT BACK" she yelled. I said "No" and took out my first aid kit and my ipod. I played 'Little Things' why I helped her clean up her arm. After I finished the song had finished too and I said to her "You see One Direction cares and loves everything about you! Now will you please stop cutting yourself, because if you don't then you won't be able to meet One Direction tomorrow." "Okay but can I have my knife back?" she asked. I handed her the knife and helped her up and then I wiped her tears away and carefully helped her out of the bathroom. Now it was back to school, otherwise known as a living hell.

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