The Lonely Walk

Yesterday, Aria was a normal 17 year old.. Today, she is royal and controlling a power that she doesn't understand.. Turning 18 doesn't seem to be a good point in her life \..


1. A New beginning

I’m no princess. I’m no queen. I’m not even royal, yet somehow I own a castle in England and thousands of people know who I am. Sydney is my home, not this place. Bright, sunny Australia. The news came on my 18th birthday. I was to leave instantly, no time for goodbyes, no time for even tears. I had to leave all my friends and the only house I had even known as my own. As I sat on our private jet, I had no idea as to where I was going. No one told me and as my mother walked down the aisle, I could see the tears in her eyes. That was the moment I realised this was permanent, there was no turning around. And my mother sat down in the seat next to me and told me everything.

The castle which I owned was a 97 room palace. A total of 27 bathrooms, an underground garage, a tennis court, a gym, an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, 6 game rooms made up of pinball machines and all, a garden with fountains and a maze, the grand ballroom, the attic, 8 lounge rooms with plasmas in each, a mini cinema in which the wall is the television, 3 kitchens with cooks, the grand dining room and around 40 bedrooms.


It was crazy as I walked through massive double doors into my new home. The awe did not replace the heart ache I felt from the sudden departure. The ballroom was massive and designed for, well balls. My mother saw the sadness in my facial expression and pulled me into a tight hug. The embrace bought on tears.

“You can pick your rooms first, okay. I’m sorry we had to leave so suddenly.” She pulled me back to stare at my face. “Here,” she said, handing me something small, silver and black. An iPhone. “Call your friends.”

Not yet, I thought. I couldn’t put it past me that she had said rooms. An iPhone and more than one room, she really did want me to be happy here. A massive stairwell led up to more rooms and was placed in the back of the main ballroom. I walked up and studied each room.


As I walked up a massive hallway, my 13 year old brother ran past me. Unlike me, he was ecstatic to be here. With his light brown hair and big, blue eyes he would have no trouble to fit in and make friends at a school in which we started at next week. Whereas, my golden curls and light, brown eyes made me stand out from all the darked haired people in England.

I peeked into a big room with double doors and at that moment I knew I had found my room. A massive window was open on the south wall and two doors were on the eastern wall. One led to a deluxe bathroom and the other to a massive wardrobe.


I ran back down the stairs to tell mother and I stopped dead in my tracks.  Bunches and bunches of flowers lay in an array in the grand ballroom.

“What’s this?” I questioned my mother.

She pointed to a cluster of the flowers. “There for you. A welcome gift from, well, all the people in town”, the amusement clear in her voice.

“Ohhkayy. Anyway,” I said, turning away from the flowers, “I picked a room. It is the seventh room on the second floor. It’s gorgeous.”

“Ok, let’s get your stuff up there then.”


Workers had begun to haul stuff into the house. Boxes and boxes. After one truck was empty another showed up and began towing even more thing into the building. Three of the boxes removed were carry cases for animals and the sound of barking perked me up. I opened one of the hatches and a massive black and white, fluffy thing jumped right on top of me and began bounding through the courtyard. My dog Sprite. Another cage was opened by my mother and Rosie chased off after him. A streak of brown, black and white. The last box seemed to be bouncing and as I opened it another black dog hurried after them, Eddie.


I laughed along with my mum. They had at least 200 acres to enjoy. I watched as my father and all the other workers lifted boxes and took them to the house. I wanted to help but my father told me it was considered rude so I remained seated on a stone bench.

The last of the boxes was taken up into the house and me and mother strolled up the steps to begin sorting through it.


The boxes that were mine were carried into my room by maids, maids in which were mine. They were to assist in all of my needs. I walked back to my new room once all my boxes were cleared. When I entered my bed was already being set up. I asked pleasantly if they could move it into the middle of the western wall and I began placing other things on my dresser that somebody had put next to my door. Slowly, I pulled my life out of these boxes.


As soon as I had everything that I need before bed, I placed the remaining boxes near my cupboard and dismissed my maids. The king sized bed my dad had bought me had long white curtains around the edges and as my maids remained in the room, I shut the curtains for privacy. Picking up my new iPhone, I began adding numbers in. Sluggishly, I added numbers from my old phone, one by one, to my new phone. I scrolled down and down. Eventually, all the numbers were added into my phone. In Australia, it was around 1:45pm, around the time of lunchtime at my old school. I picked up the phone and dialled the number for my best friend, Alice. The phone rang twice and a crackly voice answered, loud noises sounding in the background.


“Hello”, she said.                                                                                                                                                          

“Hey, it’s Aria,” I said, unsure.                                                                                                                                

“Hey, Happy birthday. Where are you?”                                                                                                                             

“You are never going to believe this, but apparently I own a castle in England, in which I now live.”

“Wait, What?”                                                                                                                                                                  

“I’m in England,” I couldn’t help but laugh at how weird that was.

“What the bloody hell are you doing in England?”                                                                                                 

“I kind of... kind of live here now.”                                                                                                               


“I own a castle. I inherited it today and now, yeah, I live here.” 

“You are so random.”                                                                                                                                                         

“Is anyone else there?”                                                                                                                                                          

“Yeah. You’re on loud speaker. Say hi to Aria guys,” she yelled although I knew the people were all sat around her.

A loud screaming of muffled hellos filled my ears for a minor second.

“Hi guys,” I was cheerful at this normality.

“Aria, it’s Monique. What do you mean you’re going to live there? Does that mean you’re never coming back?”                                                                                                                                                                                  

“Of course I’m going to come back, just not for a while. You guys have to come visit me sometime.”

“Of course we will. Hey, call me later, the bell has just gone and I have to go to Biology. Ahh, I hate Biology,” she groaned and I heard them all shuffle in movement.                                                                                                                                                              

I laughed, “Ok, bye guys.” 


I hung up the phone.

Back in Australia, those guys had my back. We were all tight and didn’t really classify each other as friends or best friends. We were a group. Although, I knew for a fact that Alice would always be my best friend. In pre-school, I always knew the right thing to say when someone dunked her Barbies head in blue paint, or wouldn’t let her play in the sand pit. Obviously, we had our differences over the years, like when she and a girl called Tabitha had a huge fight over who was my friend more so I hung out with neither.

But she helped me realise that Tabitha was a bitch as we got into high school. Still after at least 13 years of our friendship, she still stuck by, and I had just left her.


I felt sick, homesick, and it had only been one day. I opened the curtains and hopped off my bed to go search through one of the boxes. Searching, I pulled out my hand and produced a white diary and a black pen. Wandering over to the bed, I pulled the curtains again. And I opened the small diary to the next free page and wrote,




My new castle in England. Yes England.

Dear diary,

I’m cold and I feel alone. My life will not be the same in England. And honestly, how did I inherit a castle?

I wasn’t born to a royal family. I was a Matthew, for crying out loud. I don’t know what else to write so I’m just going to say this, I DON’T BELONG HERE!

Not so fearless anymore,



Wow, I thought as tears welled up in my eyes. Moving off the bed once more, I wandered out the door and walked to the next room as heard noises in there.


Curiosity overpowered me sometimes. My mums’ voice echoed from the room and I had to talk to her so I walked straight towards that voice. Walking through more doubles door, I entered to an image of my mother crouched the ground. Little furniture had been put in this room but pouncing around a small cat scratcher was a tiny black and white cat. She pounced from wall to wall in excitement. And near my mothers feet I saw my other cat, Teah. Fat and multicoloured, she just rolled around while mother scratched her. Indie, my other cat was still going crazy at the site of her new massive room. Another cat was perched on the window sill, small, fluffy and orange and half disappearing in the early morning light. Ruth.


Walking over, I picked Indie up, even as she struggled in my arms, and sat next to were my mother crouched. A small red lounge had been put in the room and she moved onto that.

“Why did this happen?” I asked, the tears welling up again. “Why?”

She pulled me up on to the lounge and put my face into her chest.  “Don’t worry. I don’t understand this either, but, but this is what your father told me, ‘Our family has different blood and that blood is what makes us special and do not take advantage of the powers you may control.’ What that means, I don’t know. But your father has told me that now you, being the age of 18, will wield those powers and you won’t know what to do, so we have to work together through this.”

I laughed at her impression of my father. My father was a posh man who held elegance in every step. My mother was the complete opposite. Holding the dream of becoming a vet, she had owned a veterinary hospital in Sydney and lived it out. Hence, the reason we had so many pets. My mother was lovable in every way and also nuts. She loved parties and had as many young friends as older ones. She loved life, and as we had lived in Sydney everyone had known who the Matthew’s were.


By now everyone would know we were gone.


I gave her a small nod, unable to produce words, and put Indie down. She sprinted off to the other side of the room. “Do you want to go into town?” she asked, “It’ll cheer you up, my shout.”

I nodded. It would cheer me up to buy some new clothes. “I’ll go get ready”, I said walking out of the room and back into my room. I hadn’t had a chance to find nice clothes this morning and I wore trackies and a hoody, comfy yet unattractive for someone with weird blood. I walked into my wardrobe and began sorting through the only rack that was full. I dressed behind a wide shade curtain thing. I really didn’t know what it was but it looked like a thing they dressed behind in the olden days. When I came out, I had black tights, a grey boyfriend jumper, a black trench coat and black boats on. A good look considering the way it was now raining outside. I would have to get used to that.


My mum was waiting downstairs with a man in black at her side. “This is Mark. His our driver and bodyguard for today.” She said the word bodyguard with utter disgust.


We hopped into the backseat whilst Mark and a young lady hopped into the front. She was also wearing all black. They chatted as we drove and mum and I just sat quietly. Finally, if not soon enough, we arrived in Oxford Street. That was the time I realised we were in London. The shops weren’t as big as some in Australia but the fashion was incredible. I jumped out of the car in excitement, finally real shops. My mum laughed at the awed expression on my face.

Walking into the first shop I saw, I looked around. It was a shoe shop and my, did the English know what to wear. My mum told me to pick anything, but she also told me we were having a ball tomorrow night as a welcoming. I groaned, but didn’t let that fact ruin my excitement.


We went to every shop, and in each shop I produced more and more bags. Even shopping for this ball I had fun. I found a black, long, sliming dress that ran to my knees, to go with it silver heels. All together, I bought 7 pairs of black boats (some with heels), 4 pairs of high heels, a nice white dress, a red trench coat and  grey one, some more pyjamas, 5 pairs of jeans in all different colours, an array of singlets and long sleeved shirts, a leather jacket, lots of nice bohemian bracelets as well as silver ones, rings and a couple of necklaces, some headbands, some different coloured scarves, a sparkly silver dress, some stripy shirts, new earrings, denim shorts, an obnoxiously pink dress, an assortment of handbags, a cute leather band that was a bracelet and had the words Live in Love on it, some new sunnies, some beanies, a nice blue dress, some coloured jumpers, a new red dress, some new make-up, a new curling wand and hair straightener and a new laptop. My mum spoiled me. I laughed at what she bought. A jumper, some jeans, a laptop and a bunny rabbit. A white one, it was so cute.

On the ride home we chatted about all the great times we would have here and as the sky got darker, I got more and more tired and by the time we got home my eyes were drooping. My father even laughed as he saw all the bags we carried in and the little crate that had the bunny in it.


“Wow, you really did spoil yourselves”, he laughed. He grabbed some bags and we began hauling all the stuff up to my room. Once it was all up laid neatly on my bed, I walked into my bathroom and undressed. The shower was spacious and the hot water felt good as it heated up my skin. I stood there for half an hour not doing anything, clearing all the impurities out of me and making me feel new again. This was a chance to start a new life. I let the water stream through my hair and straighten it out. I wouldn’t stay straight but it made my head feel good. The water washed over my face and woke me up a little, untying the knots in my muscles, the water relaxed me. I departed the shower and wrapped a towel around my body and one around my hair. It felt so much like Sydney, except for the fact that I was in my own bathroom and as I walked into my room, I saw a strangely attractive man standing in my door way. I stood for a minute not being able to move my feet. Then I remembered that I was standing in a towel.


“Oh shit,” I exclaimed, “Oh, mind my French,” I said, laughing as I ran into my wardrobe. “What the devil? What are you doing in my room? Actually, what are you doing in my house?” I poked my head out of the door, “Do I know you?”

He laughed, “No. I’m sorry, I’m Marcus.  Your father offered my family a place to stay, the roads are blocked. Always a gentleman. I came in your room because it is one in the morning and your lights were on. Curiosity, what can I say?”

“Okay, well can you go then? I kind of need to get dressed.”

“Sure, come by my room when you are. I would like to see you with some clothes on.”


I peeked out to yell at him but he was gone. Dressing hastily in some daggy pyjamas I found in my draw, I soon left to search for his room. I walked up the stairs and pointedly noticed all the lights were out except one. Walking up to the door, I glanced in. And there he was, standing by the open window shirtless. I stood in the doorway just as he had and stared. He turned around as if knowing I was there.


“Oh, I love the attire,” he joked. I looked down to see the holes in the daggy shirt I had pulled on.

I wrapped my arms around my chest as the cool air blew in. “Thanks,” I said, pleasantly, “Aren’t you cold?”

“No, are you?” The answer was obvious in the way I stood.

“Umm, yeah, it’s freezing in here.”

“Oh, I didn’t notice.”


The way he stood clearly indicated that he believed that with his six-pack and luscious curly brown hair was sexy in its own way. He had pale skin, which would probably be more common around here. But I couldn’t trace any sexiness to him. All the boys in Sydney were tanned with bleach blonde hair and this boy did not fit into that category.

“What’s your name anyway?” I questioned.

“Marcus. I told you that before.  And you’re?”

“Oh, Aria.”

“So Aria,” he said my name in a snarky way, “Where are you going to school?”

“London state school.”

“Same here. Where the lucky ones because all the other schools have to wear uniforms,” he laughed, “You’ll fit in with skin that pale.”

I gave him an evil look and left the room. “Night,” I yelled and I heard his silent laugh behind me. My head was spinning by the time I reached my bedroom and lying on my bed, I once again produced my diary from under my pillow.



My bed

Dear Diary,

Marcus is strange and snarky, yet in a way he comforts me. I now know a person at school and somehow I believe that I could fit in here. After all, Marcuswas right; my extremely pale skin helps me blend in with the rest of the average non-funny blooded people here. Somehow I feel content.

Getting there,



I placed it neatly under the pillow once more and laid my head down.

“Ma’am, would you like the light off?”

I gazed up to meet the eyes of one of the maids. Older looking, her brown perm stuck up in different directions.

“What is your name? Please, turn the light off, then go home to your family and please, have the day off tomorrow to spend at home.”

“Thank you ma’am. My name is Maria, thank you. I’ll go now.” A hint of an Italian accent showed in her voice. She seemed pleased and I pulled the duvet over my body just as she drew the curtains and then the light was switched off and the door was shut behind her. The pitch black helped control my thoughts and I slowly drifted off. Dreaming of flowers and a gorgeous field I drowsed off to a deep, dark, dreamless sleep.


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