How Could He!?

This is my first book so please don't judge


3. The Auditions

Niall's PTO:

So today Liam and i were helping to judge some auditions. Little di Lily know that i was going to be there.

Lily's PTO:

I had by new outfit i bought a couple of days ago on, it was a aqua frilly dress with my hot pink shoes i had my hair done up in a messy,braided donut bun. Tay sat with me in the waiting room i was freaking out a bit to be honest. i never really sang in front of people. When Tay and my other friend Gabby heard me sing for the first time they told me straight up that i was auditioning if i like it or not. . When my name was called out i jumped up so did Tay 

"Good luck Lil, you will do great." Tay said

"thanks" i quickly said giving her a hug and then running to the corner of the stage.

When the man told me to go on stage my heart skipped a beat. i couldn't do it when i turned around to run i ran in to Tay who dragged me back and pushed me on stage.

when i got out there i looked out at the crowed then to the judges . I was scrolling my head until i saw Niall and Liam with the biggest smiles on their faces. How could he not tell me i thought to my self. 

Niall's PTO:

when i herd her name get called Liam and i got the biggest smiles on our faces whe she walked out she looked so beautiful.

"so whats your name beautiful" i spoke into the microphone

"um i am Lily Collins" she said

Liam asked next "How old are you Miss Collins?"

" I turned 19 today" she replied.

my mouth dropped, why didn't she tell me!

Mel asked what song she was playing and she went red as she told us that she was singing She;s Not Afraid.

Lily's PTO:

I could tell that they new that they would be judging today when i old them how old i was Nialls mouth dropped, i wonder why?

when I started singing everybody was screaming and shouting my name they were clapping at the end really loud. All the judges gave me pretty good reply's and they went in to voting

Niall and Liam said yes but the other judges didn't think tat i had what it takes to be the X-Factor. when they said that i had a tear roll down by cheek but Niall stepped in oh no!

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