How Could He!?

This is my first book so please don't judge


2. In Their Room!

Lily's PTO.

I walked into their apartment with Liam he stood there in front of them and said this is our culprit. i had been so scared that I had hid behind him when he pulled me out from behind his back, all the boys stared at me. It felt weird  being stared at like that. "so what whats your name pretty lady?" asked Harry.

"Um my name is Lily" I said very shyly. 

"So you girls probably know all our names already, don't you?"asked Louis.

I looked at Taylor who was blushing

"Yep" said Taylor

"So Lily you were the one that was singing right?" asked Harry.

Yes i said 

Ok lets hear you then said Nall from in the corner he seemed pissed

whats his problem  asked Liam

well he does this when he has a crush

"really" i asked

"yep" he sad back


*Niall's PTO*

When she first walked in i looked at her and thought she is so beautiful i don't know went over me but i blurted out something really mean and in her eyes she looked hurt. when she started singing she blew me away. She was singing Shes Not Afraid when it came up to my solo she looked at me and gave me the worst look a girl can ever give a man she was acting so bitchy.

after woulds we all started to clap and i wolf whistled she looked at me with nurturing eyes and winked at me! i walked up to her and told her how good she was. she told me that she was auditioning for the X-factor tomorrow  i was so excited because i was judging tomorrow i decided not to tell her as a surprise. i asked her id she would like to go out tomorrow night for a date. she looked me in the eyes and then to the ground. she nodded and gave me her number and asked for my phone I pulled it out of my pocket and gave it to her I got it back seconds later and all her details were on it ready to go. thanks I said to her and she gave me a peck on the cheek and a hug. then we went to socialize with the others.


*Lily's PTO*

I can't believe he actually asked me out! I looked around for Taylor and saw her and Harry holding hands on the couch laughing and hitting it off. I didn't want to disrupt them so I invited Niall back to my apartment when we got in we talked about everything. He told me how all the boys are looking for a house to settle in here at Brisbane (don't ask me why). I told him how Tay and i are also looking for a house. We started up a movie about Justin Bieber, his choice i got the popcorn and we hugged all through the movie. after it finished Tay came back and Niall went back to his room. that night me and Tay stayed up and talked and i practiced was i was singing the next day!

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