How Could He!?

This is my first book so please don't judge


1. In Our Room

Taylor, my bestie and i were sitting in our hotel apartment watching toy story 3. i know grown adults watching a kids movie! i have already seen it though and she hasn't so I was getting bored. I decided to go and take a shower. I jumped into the shower and turned the water on in the distance i could hear screaming but I tried to ignore it. i started to belt out ( really loudly) my favorite 1D song Kiss You. About half way through the song Tay came in and told me to be a bit quite because Liam from 1D was sitting on the couch in the lounge room and wanted to see me. i quickly finished my shower and got changed, dried my hair put on some make-up and walked out to see him sitting their staring at me."was that you singing?" he asked.
"yes, it was". I said and i started to blush. "well all the boys want to see who the magnificent singing was. That's when it clicked, there are heaps of girls screaming outside because of them. i came back from my mini day dream and Liam was staring at me. i reacted really quick and shouted "yes!!" Tay was the biggest One Direction Fan so i asked if she could come to Liam nodded and we slowly walked into their room

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