Magic <3

When two gorgeous boys move in down the street, Rachel tries to get their attention, but fails. When she finally gives up, what happens? Does she get to hook up with them or does something terrible happen to her and friends. Find out!

Kristy...we are going to laugh about this story later! xo.


1. Wow!

'Who's that,' Beckee said.
'I have no idea, can you see the guys there?' I said.
'Nah--Oh wait, look at that piece of meat,' she said as all three of us look from behind a bush.
'Oh daymn!' Kristy said while she fanned her face with her hand.
'Hmm I like the one carrying the box right now, I think I might try him,' I said.
'You slut! That's my job,' Kristy said while she punched me in the arm.

Beckee's phone started ringing.
'Ohh it's vibrating,' she said.
'You're disgusting,' I replied


Hey girls I have to go home, I'll see you both later, Kristy, do you wanna lift home?' Beckee asked.
Kristy checked her phone as she fixed her hair.
'Ahh actually yeah, that would be great,' she said.
'I'll meet you in the car,' Beckee said.
'Kay dot,' Kristy said.
I looked over to see Kristy doing a prancy run, she picked up her bag and walked toward the car.  Beckee walked up to me, hugged me then we did air kisses.  As they drove off, Beckee couldn't help herself.

'Don't do anything to scare the animals away!' she yelled.
'I promise,' I yelled back.

Kristy's POV:-

As we were drving the newbies I just had to say something.  We stopped by the driveway.
'Hey sexy, take it off!' I yelled.
'Anything for you baby!' the younger looking boy yelled while lifting his shirt up.
'You mole,' Beckee said as we drove off.

I looked down and saw what had just happened.  What a whore, I love them.

Wow...just wow.

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