Magic <3

When two gorgeous boys move in down the street, Rachel tries to get their attention, but fails. When she finally gives up, what happens? Does she get to hook up with them or does something terrible happen to her and friends. Find out!

Kristy...we are going to laugh about this story later! xo.


4. What's Wrong With Him?

Thursday night had finally come and all us girls were so excited.  We spent all day lounging around the house doing each others make up and hair.
'Does this look good on me?' Kristy asked while twirling around in a white dress.
'Yeah, it looks gorgeous! Every guy will want to be in your pants,' Rachel said.
'I've already done that!' she yelled.
'We all laughed...loudly. (Kristy, picture our laugh when something is super hilharrysass :D)

About and hour had passed, or it felt like an hour.  Waiting for a party like this is taking forever.  When putting my flats on, we heard music coming from down the street.  We assumed that it was Blake's party, so we quickly did some touch ups before we heae dow mt driveway. (Kristy and Beckee had come earlier that day).  As we walked down the street, the music gradually got louder and louder, so obvs, we were getting closer and closer.  Finally, we were at Blake's house and as I thought, there were people everywhere and the music was blasting.  I looked over to where the drinks were being served and I saw Liam.  He was so hot.  But I was interested in him. I wanted Blake.  Liam saw Kristy, Beckee and I and started walking over to us.  He looked so much better close up.
'Hey, what are you doing here?' he asked.
'Blake invited us,' I replied.
He looked down at the ground slowly.  He just started being all weird.
'Well, be careful ok?' he said.
Krist, Beckee and I all looked at each other weirdly.
'Yeah, ok, we gotta go,' Beckee sai while pushing us passed Liam, towards a group of guys.
I waved bye to Liam and walked to the guys.  One of them was Blake.
'Hey boys,' Kristy said.
They all turned around at the sound of a female.
'How you doin'?' a brown haired guy said.
I saw Blake look at me then he grabbed my wrist and puled me away from everyone.  Firm grip.  Hard but hot.
'Hey, thanks for coming,' he said.
'Yeah, no probs,' I replied smiling.
'I din't think you were gonna come,' he said as he looked down at the ground.
'Why?' I asked.
'Most girls just think I'm a try hard and thinks I want them to come just so I could get them into my bed,' he replied.
'Aww, you are a try hard, but I don't care,' I said, 'If you don't try, how are you gonna get anywhere?'  That sounded pretty good, if I might say so myself.
'True, wow...they way you just said that was sexy as,' he said.
I blushed.
'Want a drink?' he asked.
'Yeah sure, thanks,' I replied.
He winked at me and walked the bar.  As I watched him order the drinks, I saw him whisper into the person serving the drink's ear.  Suss much?  When he got back, I looked over at Kristy and Beckee and their convos looked like were heating up.  I smiled.


After a while of drinking and partying.  I was starting to get a bit dizzy.  I guess I was obvs drunk.
'Hey, you look tired, do you wanna go lay on my bed?' Blake said.
On his bed? Great, I thought.
'Ahh, yeah, I guess,' I replied.
'Great, let's go,' he said.
He grabbed my hand as I turned to see Kristy and Beckee wave me goodbye.  They looked partly wasted aswell.  I waved back as he placed his hand onto my waist and lead me up the stairs.  Just before I was into the house, I saw Liam looking disappointed.  Almost like he felt sorry for me.  Why?  What was wrong with him?

*Authors Note*
I just realised that in Chapter 2, that Blake/Liam's mum's name is Miranda and obvs, it should've been Karen, but oh well.  Just pretend it Karen.  I really couldn't be bothered to change it.  Anyways, hope you like it!
Rach xo.

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