Magic <3

When two gorgeous boys move in down the street, Rachel tries to get their attention, but fails. When she finally gives up, what happens? Does she get to hook up with them or does something terrible happen to her and friends. Find out!

Kristy...we are going to laugh about this story later! xo.


2. So Close

It was the next day and the afternoon had finally come.  I was in my room touching up my mascara.  I had just finished when I heard yelling from down the street.  I walked out the front door and down the drive way.  It was them.  The newbies.  I saw that they were struggling with boxes, so I decided that I would be a good neighbour and go and help.  I ran up to the front and put my rainbow vans on.  I walked down to their house and just stared at one of the boys for minute.  I figured I would look like a retard just standing there staring so I began to walk over to the truck.
'Do you need some help sweetie?' I asked, making sure my hair looked ok.
When he turned around, he was smoking hot.  He had ash-blonde hair with hazel eyes.  His smile was gorgeous.  Oh I hope I get him.
'Oh yeah, YOU can, a little slice like you,' he said.
'Ok,' I said smiling.
I walked over to him and took the box from his hands.
'Where is this box going?' I asked.
'My room,' he said winking at me.
I smiled back and started walking to the house.

I walked into the kitchen and I assumed his mother was the woman there.
'Ahh hi, I'm Rachel, I live just up the road and I thought I would help,' I said.
'Oh hiii hun, I'm Miranda, thank you for helping us,' she replied.
'Oh that's ok, I was wondering where---,' I trailed off.
Crap! I didn't get his name!
Miranda looks at the name written on the side.
'Oh yes that's Blake's, just down the hall, second door on the right,' she said.
'Ok thanks,' I said as I made my way down the hall.
I placed the box down on the bed and sat down next to it.

Blake walked in with more boxes, when he put them down and and stood back up, I finally got to see his body.  I could see his six pack through the singlet.  The singlet that was white and soaked with sweat.  I saw a clean shirt hanging out of a draw.
If I could get him to put another shirt on, I would be able to see his body.
'Hey, that shirt looks awfully dirty,' I said as I grabbed the clean shirt, 'Here, why don't you take that one off and put this one on'.
He smiled at me and stripped his shirt off.
'Here,' I said as I gave him the shirt.
He took the shirt and chucked it onto his bed.  I smiled at him as he grabbed my waist.  Our noses were touching, we were just about to kiss when we heard footsteps running towards his room.
'Shit! That's my brother,' he said as he stepped away.

Another guy ran into the room, almost as gorgeous as Blake.
'Blake, we need to help da--,' he trailed off as he noticed me standing there.
'I'm Rachel,' I said as I walked up to him and shook his hand.
'Liam,' he said as he exchanged eyes with Blake, then me, then Blake, then back to me again.
'Ohh, I see what's goin' on here, look...Blake, after you're finished, dad needs our help,' he said as he smiled at me, then walked away.
'Look babe, I better go, but I'll see you later, yeah?' he said.
I smiled.
'Yeah of course, anytime you want,' I replied as I walked out of the room.

So close.

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