Magic <3

When two gorgeous boys move in down the street, Rachel tries to get their attention, but fails. When she finally gives up, what happens? Does she get to hook up with them or does something terrible happen to her and friends. Find out!

Kristy...we are going to laugh about this story later! xo.


3. Party Time


'You what?' Kristy yelled.
'What? Nothing happened!' I said. 'I couldn't help myself.'
'You could've waited until we were there!' Beckee said while she fixed her shirt. 'When do we get to meet your future hook up?'
'I don't know, hopefully soon, one of you should go for his brother,' I said.
'You met his brother too!? Kristy yelled.
'No, it was a brief 'Hi' then he disappeared,' I replied.
'You mo-- Oh. My. God. Look,' Beckee said as she pointed out the window.
Blake was walking up the driveway.  MY driveway!  Beckee and Kristy both started freaking out and checked themselves in every mirror in the house.


*knock knock knock*

I took a deep breath as I unlocked the door.
'Hi' I said.
'Hey, anytime I wanted right?' he asked.
I thought back to yesterdays conversation and, yes, it was.
'Yeah, of course,' I said as I hand gestured him to come inside.
'Oh nah, I just came up to ask you if you wanted to come to a party on Thursday night?' he asked.
'Yeah, I'd love to, do you mind if my friends came too?' I replied as Kristy and Beckee's heads peeked around the corner.
'Yeah, sure' he paused. 'Aren't you the girls that pullled up at mine yesterday?'
Both of their faces turned bright pink.
'Yeah, nice body by the way,' Kristy said smiling.
I saw Beckee kick Kristy in the back of her leg.
'Ok, well I'll see you ladies there?' Blake asked.
I turned back to him and said,
'Yeah, defs!' I said.
He turned and walked back down the driveway.  I turned back to Kristy and Beckee and their jaws dropped.

'Ladies,' I paused.
We all looked at each other and said at the same time,
'It's time to PARTAYYYY!!'

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