Magic <3

When two gorgeous boys move in down the street, Rachel tries to get their attention, but fails. When she finally gives up, what happens? Does she get to hook up with them or does something terrible happen to her and friends. Find out!

Kristy...we are going to laugh about this story later! xo.


7. Bad Memory

Kristy's POV

*3 hours later*

I have been tossing and turning for what feels like ages.  I can't get to sleep ever since Beckee said that.  I still can't believe she would even consider that.  I mean, I know it was Beckee's family member, but it hurt Rachel more than it hurt her.

Rachel's POV *flash back*
We snuck up to the bedroom window and quietly peeked inside.  Brooke was asleep on her bed.
'Maybe we shouldn't do this,' I said.
'No! Don't back out now,' Beckee replied. 'We need to do this!'
'Why?' Kristy asked. 'Just because you don't like her.'
'I don't not like her!' Beckee said. 'I HATE her! She's a bitch!'
'How?' I asked.
'She broke my family up!' she yelled. 'Now shut up or you'll wake her up.'
'I'll wake her up!?' I said.
'Whatever,' Beckee said as she pushed open the window and jumped inside.  I jumped inside, making no noise and Kristy followed.  Beckee gave me one of her knives and walked over to where Brooke was lying.  I walked over to her dressing and table and picked up a photo of Mark, Brooke and Beckee.  They looked like a real family.  Something I wished I'd really had.  I placed the picture back down and turned around to see Beckee leaning over Brooke with the knife near her throat.  I was jumping up and down, trying to get Beckee to stop but without waking up Brooke.  Beckee looked up at me and looked so pissed, she nearly threw her knife at me.  During out silent argument, Brooke woke up and freaked.  Out of reflex, she swung the knife at her throat.  It slashed from ear to ear.  I ran toward her and pushed Beckee to the ground, I wrapped her throat in white sheets.  Soon, they weren't white anymore, she was losing so much blood that there was a puddle of red filling around us.  When looking in her eyes, I could see her soul slipping away from my grasp, from the world.  As I could see her world turning grey, little did she know that mine was too.

I felt so sorry for Rachel then.  She's never been the same, I mean, she's that same person on the outside but the Rachel I gone.  The memory keeps running in and out of my brain, maybe sleep will erase it.  Sadly...I say this every night.

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