1 out of a million

Talia lost her family. They forgot her. She had a brother Louis. A family adopted her, the Styles family. What happens when Talia gets invited on tour with them by Harry. Will she find her long lost her brother and maybe love?

Aimee the unicorn out :)


2. Chapter 2

Talia's POV

I went down stairs. 2 people where at the door. "Hello you must be Talia!" The man said "Yep! Thats me!" I answered. "Well we found your family." OMFG!! I can't believe it "The parents remember you now. We don't know about the brother." AAGGGGHHHHHHH! "when do i see them? What about my family now? The Styles family?" I asked "You see you family tonight. You are going on tour with Harry though, if you wish. You will still see your fake family" I hate in when people say 'fake family'.


I drove to my familys house. I rang the door bell. I'm nervous. 


Louis POV:

Talia's my sister, Talias my sister! She's coming tonight. Both of my parents are coming tonight even though there divorced. Scary. The door bell rang. Come on Louis. I took a deep breath. "Hi I'm Talia-" she began and stopped. "Louis?" "Talia?" We hugged. "I miss you soooooo much" Talia said. How could i forget her. "Haha coincidence that Harry is in a band with me!" I laughed. "Yeh, now I've got 2 brothers in the same band!" She said grabbing a carrot from the fridge. "So tell me, hows life?" i asked.

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